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Northwestward along Silk Road is Urumqi, where Helen studied and lived for almost nine years. Beyond that you will finally find the oasis Yili River Valley, a dream world she is deeply attached to, where she was born and grew up. Now, as a stranger in faraway Chonqing for eight years, she has tried to acclimatize herself to the local customs and practices though she is not yet inured to very spicy foods. She's fond of music and literature, music so much that she can’t live without it. A busy translator in an automotive trim company, Helen is keen on nature, hoping to travel the world to see its sights. She hopes to share her life experiences, thoughts on familial affection and friendship, feelings for exotic romance and online dating with others on CLM.
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Always Be Friends (Part 2)    

By Helen
2440 Views | 7 Comments | 3/10/2013 1:58:26 PM

We Were Friends

There was a park with an artificial lake named “East Lake Park” by the local people nearby NYF. In the evenings after dinner, some of my colleagues and I often walked along the streets into the park chatting and roaming. Kashgar was shrouded in warmth and quietude when a myriad of twinkling lights were lit in the evening. It often touched me on a string of mawkish sentiment.

I told Hongwei on an evening about my unfortunate past, which he was surprised at first and could not believe. Following a long silence, he asked me not to give up as I was still young. However, after frustration of marriage, I myself felt as if I was getting old like someone who had suffered the vicissitudes of life. I thought he was not affected by it deeply as if he had experienced it himself, so he could not understand me very well.

With the elapse of time, Hongwei and I became familiar with each other. When we went outside by bus, he always asked me not to lean out of the window and gave a pull at my arms and took them inside. I thought he was as long-winded as a granny. I also found he was a person who had a keen sense of humor. He could always keep the whole table amused when we had lunch in our dining room. He said to me, “Hey, you’ve stretched your legs into other’s bed!” when I happened to put my feet on the lower cross member of his chair. He liked joking with me because I never got angry but smiled it away.

Hongwei majored in International Trade at university. He buckled down to work and was meticulous and attended to minute details in everything, which I liked most and often praised. He loved to play basketball and was half an expert at umpiring. He was sweating in a T- shirt at half time when he came to see me in our office, where I often studied in the evening. We talked for a while and then I began to complain about the strong smell of his T-shirt and drove him out.

I used to go out for online surfing on every Saturday afternoon. Hongwei usually went with me to a supermarket for shopping some foods and daily necessities. I left them all to him and went into a cyberbar. Sometimes he stayed in the cyberbar as well but not for very long time as I did. I came back to my apartment late at night and saw the full shopping bag lying on the table.

On my birthday, he called and told me to come outside. I asked him when we met, “What’s the matter?” He didn’t reply but fish out a piece of chocolate from his pocket and pass it to me, “Happy birthday to you!” It was in summer and the chocolate was somewhat melt. Then he told me he would buy a better and expensive one for me if he had money in future. It was really a lovely idea. I smiled thinking, “God knows whether you will remember me or not after many years.” But these words were unspeakable, so I expressed my heartfelt gratitude for his gift merrily.

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#2013-03-11 21:49:20 by Leessoccer @Leessoccer

Helen, your letter is from the hart. write more.

#2013-03-12 08:42:44 by sunrise68 @sunrise68

Good writing. I just wonder whether Hongwei and you finally become boyfriend and girfriend of each other.

#2013-03-12 14:03:23 by Grace172 @Grace172

seems he has strong feeling to you... and then,,,? I am waiting...

#2013-03-13 16:20:10 by Apinkapple @Apinkapple

Helen,How are you?
I have read the two blogs by you.You have a good knowledge of English.
I think Hongwei must be an attractive gentleman and he touched your heart.
In my view, If you could add some detailed description to your articals, which will make your words more vividly,I would have been impressed much more deeply. :)
We can learn much not only through story itself also through writing skills, is that right?
Expect to read more.
Best regards.

#2013-03-13 20:06:07 by lhui @lhui

hi, hellen,
After finished reading your story, I recalled the simplicities, the enthusiasms and the innocence of my youth : to anyone, without fortification, without disguise, I can easily make good friends of my lifetime ... Since became a social person , intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsciously, I have become a person wearing a mask of life , tired heart. . .

#2013-03-17 20:38:52 by Helenperfumecity @Helenperfumecity

@Leessoccer - Hi Lee! I feel very hornored for your compliment which is a great encouragement to me. I will surely go on writing. Good luck to you, too!

@sunrise68 - Hi Sunrise! You don't need to wonder the relationship between Hongwei and me. I can tell you right now. We are close friends rather than boyfriend and girlfriend. In addtion, I like your cute violin very much. It would be great if I could hear a music you play with it. :)

@Grace172 - Hi Grace! I could feel his kindness to me because I did the same to him as well. Hope you always have a nice day!

@Apinkapple - Hi Apple! Thank you very much for your attention to my bloggs and a quite good suggestion you've given me. You are so sweet. In fact, Hongwei was not attractive in his common appearance. He did touch me as a friend who treated me kindly.

@lhui - Hi Hui! Your words really touched me deeply. We have to do something we dislike to harmonize with the world around us, which makes us grown-ups with a tired heart. Maybe that is so called maturity? But I think we've changed after we take farewell to the innocence in our youth, we can still retain something eternal and precious in our feelings. That's enough. Wish you a happy life!

#2013-04-04 22:00:32 by sandy339 @sandy339

Hi Hellon

I think Hongwei was so sweet, we should just enjoy that moment, that is enough? Who knows what would happen in the future….

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