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About Online Asian and Chinese Dating Scammers    

By John Abbot
3431 Views | 3 Comments | 6/20/2016 9:21:17 AM

Asian and Chinese internet dating is, like all online dating, rife with people trying to disengage you from your cash through various forms of internet scams. We try to protect you from these people and one of our best lines of defence is member reporting which we highly encourage. Unlike most dating sites who simply pretend sammers don't exist, we investigate every report and it is one of the best tools we have for getting rid of these people who are at best a waste of your time and at worst extremely vile criminals. 

Recently we got a scammer report from a member, and he did the perfect thing when reporting by actually forwarding her email message to him in which she asked for the funds, so we had the actual message, not just a description of it. That helps us a lot in investigating and I encourage members to do the same thing when they are reporting someone.

Among other things in a fairly lengthy letter the scammer said the following:

"i dont want to take or ask money with u coz its unethical..but ...i really need 250us$ to pay for my graduation expenses..and to buy medicines for my mother.."

This message is basically a very standard scam on international dating sites, and as soon as you receive it you can write the person who sent it off your list of eligible future partners.  And yet in this instance the reporting member was actually almost apologizing for reporting the girl and mentioned as well that other girls had asked for money but he didn't give us their usernames. I am still hoping to receive that information from him.

He was generally feeling bad for these women because they were so desperately in need of money that they would resort to this means of obtaining it. But the reality is that we don't even know if they are real women, and most likely they are not the women in their profile photos.

The balance of this post is the letter that I wrote back to the member which I am posting here to provide the same general information to members. Of course, the old hands at online Asian and Chinese dating will already be familiar with this information, but for members who are relatively new at it, you should pay attention to this.

Dear _________

We're sorry you are running into women asking for money on ALM, we do appreciate your report on camara4uever,but you really need to look at dating sites and the internet much differently than you are. You should not be feeling sorry for these people. Even the simplest of them is committing a what is basically a criminal offence.

The internet generally, and dating websites especially, are loaded with people who are trying to defraud other people of their money. We call these people scammers, and they come in varying levels of professionalism.

On CLM and ALM we do everything we can to keep the members of our sites real, and to not allow on the sites people who are not genuinely looking for a real, long term relationship. But it is a somewhat impossible task, and that is why we have a reporting system and invite members to report other members who ask them for money. It is also why all over our sites we strongly tell members "Never send money / Report members who ask."

There are 4 types of scammers pertaining to the worst dating sites, but 3 types pertaining to ALM:

1. Many women who are really the person in their photographs, who are very poor, and who use dating sites as a means of meeting people under the guise of seeking love, when what they are really seeking is a monetary hand out. These amateurs are the least culpable of the types of scammers and the most deserving of some understanding and forgiveness. Nonetheless their behaviour is dishonest and not to be condoned or encouraged. They are still scamming!

2. Many women who are employees of large organizations who have made a business out of scamming people on the internet. These women, and sometimes men, are paid an hourly wage and/or a commission for performing the service. They are very rarely the same people as are pictured in their profiles. They have become professional scammers but often are doing so as a means of feeding their families, and the individuals may be entitled to some some degree of sympathy. 

However, the people/businesses behind them make huge profits out of this fraudulent activity and deserve nothing but complete condemnation and lengthy prison sentences. Some of these organizations are huge and are raking in millions of dollars per year.

3. Many scammers on the internet are completely professional criminals and make a lot of money defrauding innocent victims. On dating sites they have elaborate scams in play, and they are running hundreds of profiles across dozens of sites on an ongoing basis. They are never who they have posted in the photos on their profiles, and if you have encountered one of them then that beautiful little Thai or Filipina woman in the picture you are messaging is just as likely a big Nigerian man as anything else.

These scammers are equally busy pretending to be American, Australian, Canadian or European businessmen and trying to scam the women. Chinese women are especially targeted by them.

4. The fourth type of scammer is the case where the dating site itself is a complete fraud and is scamming its own members out of their money. These are the worst of all the scammers in online dating, and some of these organizations are bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit annually. You might think that these sites have to be rare, but in our estimation somewhere between 80 to 90% of all dating sites are scamming their own members to some degree. 

In the worst cases the scamming might better be described as full scale fleecing given the amount of money each of the victims handing over to these criminals. If you are on a site that is charging by the message or chat minute, and does not allow you to freely exchange email addresses of other private means of communication after you have paid for their service, then you can bet your ass you are being scammed.

In out dating niches, being Chinese and Asian dating, the worst of the worst remain (formerly,, (aka and a completely unprofessional Chinese operated organization under the banner of which operates endlessly changing websites using hundreds of different names.

Regarding the scammers listed in 1 through 3 above, every time you send anyone money who you have not personally met, you are encouraging them to keep asking and therefore to keep scamming.  You are allowing yourself to become part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.

On our sites, we treat anyone who asks for money from someone they have not personally met to be, by definition, a scammer. We highly encourage members to report anyone who asks for money, and we investigate every report we receive.

We have investigated camara4uever, and based on the letter you forwarded from her, together with her extensive on site activity, we have concluded she is, by definition, a scammer. We have placed here in Scammer Prison and our belief is that she has made the same or similar requests for money from countless members of both our site and many other sites.

In your letter you mention not only her, but also a number of members you do not name who asked you for money. Please report the ones by name who asked you for money, and provide the messages or chats in which they did the asking, and we will investigate each of them carefully.

Please desist from ever accommodating these requests for money again, and report them instead. In doing so you will help us keep our sites safe for all real members, and free of all scammers, which is our goal.

Best regards,

We welcome all the old hands to add any comments they wish that will help the newcomers know what to watch for, and we welcome all newcomers to ask questions so we can answer them.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2016-06-21 08:35:56 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

The internet is full of low-life scum-bag blood-sucking monsters. This 'filth' preys on people who are essentially nothing other than pea-brained imbeciles.

That may sound a little harsh, but sometimes it's the only way to convey a message that needs to be understood. The message is clear and simple. In fact, it couldn't be more clear and simple if it were written in 20-foot high neon lights.....

'Never send money to someone you have never met. Report people who ask'.

Failure to heed this warning, and then expect sympathy, makes a pea-brained imbecile look like Albert Einstein by comparison.

The sites that John quoted, (ChnLove, AsianDate, etc) require a male member to buy 'credits'. Each time a message is sent to a female member, (and each time she replies), you are deducted credits. You are not allowed to have personal contact with these women via e-mail or IM chat. Yet the pea-brains cannot see the fact that they are being not just scammed, but fleeced.

#2016-06-21 08:48:45 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


You can read a classic example of how a good friend of mine was ripped-off by ChnLove


I wrote an article a while ago called 'How to Scam a Scammer', but I can't seem to find it. If you still have it, now might be a good time to let members see it?

#2016-06-21 16:37:09 by Barry1 @Barry1

@every man and his dog

For those who are unaware, I wrote an article some time ago about a very professional, slick scamming website where I ended up losing a bit of money.

Finally I realised however, that I was being defrauded by quite possibly, a very ugly, bearded and tattooed man with severe halitosis and offputting facial acne, who was pretending to be a beautiful, elegant Chinese lady.

It can be seen here:

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