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A short trip to Guilin and Yangshuo    

By Jasmine Huang
3749 Views | 4 Comments | 9/5/2010 9:56:41 AM

It happened a week ago that I went to Guilin with the folks in my village. Since everyone got the work and daily business, it is not easy to find a time to travel with the intimate ones. My time is not set in stone, so it is only a matter of will and mood. So there we went, to Guilin and Yangshuo in Guangxi province, and it is the 1st time for my sister and me to travel together.

It is only 80 minutes by plane from Xiamen airport(Fujian) to Liangjiang airport(Guangxi). The weather was good for us. The first 2 or 3 days it was drizzling which added a slight misty feeling to the beautiful mountains there. Well, isn’t that the artistic conception in Chinese landscape painting? There are mountains in Fujian, especially in my hometown, but you can never see the same as you see in Guangxi province. You come here with your eyes and a little bit of imagination will make your trip much more amusing.

A 4-hour cruise trip from Guilin to Yangshuo in the Li River is definitely a treat to the fantastic mountains-and-waters paintings. The best timing for that is just in the misty weather, which make the mountains darker. And the streamlines of them are clearer. Here you may see the fisherman with cormorants or a farmer who guides the water buffalos to the river side to have a drink or to have a bath. Sometimes even there are the goats which are playing at the bank of the river or are eating grass or the ducks which are swimming happily with the ups and downs of the waves.

It is said that “Guilin scenery stands out as the world's best, while Yuangshuo scenery tops those of Guilin.” You may have many ways to enjoy yourself here—taking the bamboo raft down the Dragon River, or a bicycle ride to the countryside, or having a view of the stagmalite caves, or climbing the Gudong Fall, or a night in the bars in the West Street…. or simply walking in the country road….It is a place to make you forget where you are from and forget the noises in the cities. Just enjoy the clear air, the green, the water and the local life.

Guilin is a tourist city and the better way to enjoy yourself here is to try to be away from the center of the city or town and find your own peace of heaven. This time I enjoyed myself there, especially my eyes, while my stomach did not as we were with a group of people. I guess a little regret won’t make the fun of this trip less. On the road is a way of broadening your horizon and your life. This is what I love about traveling---expecting something unexpected.

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#2010-09-05 10:50:06 by mina @mina

I am so happy to see you are back:) I love to read all your blog articles.
I also had a very lovely travel experience to Yangshuo in 2005. Two classmates from graduation school and I enjoyed ourselves there...we stayed in a family inn, woke up every day until we got enough sleep, rode a bicycle around, took a bamboo raft along Jade Dragon river...and had Beer Soaked Fish in West Street. What made trip to Yangshuo different from others was we were living in scenery, so there was in no rush to get to any scenic spots.

#2010-09-06 18:39:10 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Hey Jasmine. I just announced to everyone you're retiring and suddenly you're back in full force. That's great. What a pleasant surprise to find your posting waiting in the admin section. Welcome back - you've been missed!

#2010-09-11 12:53:45 by dearjasmine @dearjasmine

Thanks for you guys. I am glad that we have Mina to join us and share her stories. I was moved and felt that life could be so different for each one of us. And I bet Mina is as strong as Scarlett and will find her happiness. John, CLM is more like my home and I'd be always pleased to share with all of you my little and yet sometimes spicy thoughts.

#2010-09-22 17:46:26 by mina @mina

Dear Jasmine,
I am very happy to read your reply!!!
I kept checking if you had responded...thanks:)

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