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Map1 brings unique insights in understanding China from the POV of a Christian who has lived in the Middle Kingdom for more than 12 years in 4 different cities as a university instructor and Mandarin language student. He’s traveled to more than 40 cities throughout the country and recently married a Chinese Christian girl whom he met through CLM/ALM.
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A Self Introduction and Description of What's to Come    

By Map1
1531 Views | 28 Comments | 3/5/2018 1:01:25 PM
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#2018-04-05 15:04:24 by RWByrum @RWByrum


The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in Qumran which is in the Palestinian Territories to the northwest of the Dead Sea.  Nag Hammadi is in Upper Egypt.  The Dead Sea Scrolls dated from the 2nd Century B.C. and were mostly composed of copies of various Old Testament books wheres the cache found at Nag Hammadi dated from the 3rd century A.D. and were mostly Gnostic books.

#2018-04-07 22:17:40 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


...............or so we're told, lol.

#2018-05-06 18:34:32 by oldghost @oldghost

@map1 At 72 I too am frequently asked about the use of Chopsticks to which I can answer 'ever since before the Cultural revolution Zhongguo wenhua da gemin!' I think I first held chopsticks around 1960; then they notice that I do it left-handed and that causes more jaws to drop! 老鬼


#2018-05-07 15:10:58 by melcyan @melcyan


Another longtime left-handed chopsticks user has a burning question to ask you. As you no doubt know most Chinese women are superstitious. Why do you risk reducing the number of contacts that you receive by calling yourself "oldghost"?

#2018-05-09 17:06:52 by RobertB @RobertB

As for me, my personal views are such. 

Physics is an empirical science and never fails us. We only cannot always interpret it right. Even if we look at very basics of physics we talk about Conservation of Energy, which means that we cannot destroy this. 

or create this. 

This means that actually we already know that Universe could not be created or destroyed ..It can only change forms, maybe from visible to invisibe so to speak. 

SO, our energies .. or our personalized energies called souls cannot be destroyed or even created. So we have existed always. Even notion of hell is that such soul cannot be destroyed so suffers but eventually can heal. 


Many people mention that they are Christians or followers but in fact they very often do not say what this means. As if Jesus was the goal. It is not . 

If you look into scriptures you will find that Jesus was a perfect Buhddist. 

He mentioned that you should be careful what you do and think. You should try to achieve mastery of life. You should not worry about anything nor cause anyone to worry. 

The death and resurrection meaning is that even death is not really real. You can just live on the way you please on Earth or in Heaven and if you cannot make it out you will suffer which is described as hell.

There is nothing illogical here and also Jesus was not advocating suffering because he would not  heal sick then. He was not advocating sexual or alcoholic ceilbacy because he was known to kiss Mary Magdalene and drink wine. He was not advocating refraining always from force because he chased the traders out of Temple. So he was very reasonable person. 

Most of the time people tend to change the meaning of Jesus words and actions to make others feel less. The fact is that Jesus said that people can do things he can do and more. 

Essentially Jesus said : be yourself. Because this is what pleases my Father. 

Which makes perfect sense because God being so powerful would not create so many heings if he wanted everyone to be the same. That would create huge confusion in him and that would lead to huge explosion which would result in great diversity we see today. So, whatever your views .. if you are supporting Jesus or you are stauch enemy of Jesus or know nothing about Jesus you are still part of the DAO. Because it is all the same only different names. 

#2018-10-07 18:29:24 by oldghost @oldghost


Another longtime left-handed chopsticks user has a burning question to ask you. As you no doubt know most Chinese women are superstitious. Why do you risk reducing the number of contacts that you receive by calling yourself "oldghost"?

I have been using the name laogui as my internet handle since oh, 1992. LG are my initials; and it coincides with the cantonese Gwei Loa but is 老 not lao佬 If someone has insufficient humour to see and accept the joke, or is exceedingly superstitious, or excessively deferential, I have grounds to be uninterested. It is a self-joke I am comfortable with. Moreover, there is or was a respected Chinese novelist of the same name living in London. 老鬼

#2018-10-08 15:36:03 by melcyan @melcyan


Your interesting reply makes perfect sense. However, what if your "perfect match" actually is very superstitious? I suspect your first reaction to that question would be "Haven't you read what I just said?"


Let me explain. My partner is very superstitious. When I started online dating I was very clear that I was not interested in anyone who was superstitious or into horoscopes. I wrote words to that effect in my profile.


I met my partner dancing and not online. She turned my world upside down and changed my views on what was really important. Superstition still annoys me, but after more than 8 years together, I am much more tolerant than I used to be and she has become ever so slightly less superstitious.



#2018-10-09 17:54:59 by Map1 @Map1

Paul, of course you're free to write about your distorted view of Chrisitanity in the comment section of my blog. But I'd rather deal with some of your nonsense and innacuracies via personal e-mail. I've taken a hiatus from blogging and even responding to Paul's atheistic rantings, as I told John due to personal problems and health issues.

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