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A Scam is a Scam is a Scam! Part 1:, – What’s the Difference?    

By John Abbot
2933307 Views | 31 Comments | 1/14/2014 1:44:17 PM
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#2020-01-13 05:08:36 by Blondman @Blondman


I am appalled that Asian Date, AsiaMatch, ChinaLove, and Asian Beauties have not had massive class-action lawsuits slapped on them! I am planning to go to the FBI and INTERPOL over my case. I have filed reports with Better Business Bureau and a number of consumer reports sites and they've done nothing! I did manage to get 2 of the 3 of the credit cards I used to purchase Asian Date and others time online for their meaningless chats, felonious letters, and some live cam exchanges to see each other real-time. What a joke that was. I was looking at a film taken of the woman at a desk there was absolutely no live feed. 

I think I have figured out what the lack of interest in prosecuting Asian Date is all about. 1) They do 100's of millions a year in their quick to register and quick to discontinue clients who don't bother to pursue or believe there is no legal solution as the site is graphically impressive and while it operates well to the outside observer once you're a member you find out quite differently. Anyway, how many banks wouldn't want a piece of the action handling transactions and credit lines for a prime mover like Asian Date even if they are illegit? So, where would be the motivation for the credit card companies to act? They would simply act dumb and handle whatever customer complaints they get and minimize the damage. With the literal thousands of complaints, I've seen reported there's no way the credit card companies don't know what's going on! 2) We must consider that these fake dating sites are funded by a criminal element more than willing to kick back cash to the bankers to handle their business and discourage cooperation with the authorities. The FBI even admits that dating site fraud could be as high as a billion dollars annually within the US alone!

So, what do I get out of this? I don't expect to recover my losses but if I can possibly save other men from the emotional anguish, the financial ruin, and the time wasted on obsessing over these scams than to me it would be worth it! I'm still getting Asian Date emails and now it either infuriates me or simply entertains me and reminds me of what a fool I was.

Any thoughts? Anyone hear taken any legal steps?  





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