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A Scam is a Scam is a Scam! Part 1:, – What’s the Difference?    

By John Abbot
2933308 Views | 31 Comments | 1/14/2014 1:44:17 PM
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#2014-06-14 06:51:52 by aioncross @aioncross

Hi John

happy, it is a pleasure, I liked the writing, I have a question about a website of quotations from china, and wants to know if it is true or fraud? page:

#2014-06-14 11:04:36 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@aioncross - I am sorry but I don't understand this phrase "question about a website of quotations from china" and how that relates to the website

Can you explain that for me and I'll try to answer.

#2014-11-08 16:31:04 by anonymous12447 @anonymous12447

I've been scammed on Asianbeauties/Asiadate/, which are all one in the same. It's posted on RipOff Report if you want all the salient details. I've written to customer service to complain twice and made threats that I'd report them to IC3/FBI, Interpol, PSB, Russian, Chinese and American Embassies regarding American and international law violations. So they removed my profile. But they did actually reimburse me for my credits. They kept charging my bank card and then they told me that I'd hit the renewal icon, so it automatically put more credits on my account whenever I ran out. Later I went back on the site under a different name and without a profile I got lots responses from beautiful girls. I was able to chat for a very short time with some of them and I brought up the fact that they were a scammer site.
Also stay away from as they have lots of model like pictures of beautiful mature woman who are supposedly filthy rich. They made promises of using their wealth to provide for you and set you up in a business or manage their multi-millon dollar companies. My favorite was one who owned several private universities. I though I could be the president or chancellor of one of them. Some of these ladies are very explicit about what they'd like to do with you sexually and you've just met!! No way that older Chinese women would talk like that. It must be translators who've watched too much porn. I didn't pay a dime here, but complained twice to customer service and threatened to report them to the relevant authorities. I closed out the account myself. CLM is a great and reputable site and it seems that I may have found my beautiful future wife.

#2015-01-07 03:27:13 by anonymous12725 @anonymous12725

Unfortunately, as with what happens with anything, and especially online sites, such as those related to dating, scams happen. And as with many other sites, certainly those international related, they happen now with more frequency. What I do when I am thinking of joining a dating site is look for places that do research and then review sites, like this one Now even with that, whether one wants something long-term or short, one must still be cautious and know that there are those willing to take advantage, of both the guy and the girl. So use common sense and think carefully and things could work out. I can tell you from experience that even regular dating sites scam by seeding profiles and by having one profile contact another when it didn't happen. But don't stop looking, just watch out.


NOTE: We have responded to this comment with a blog which you can find at

#2015-01-31 06:51:26 by anonymous12857 @anonymous12857

Yes, true AsianBeauties or Asian Beauties and AsianDate or Asian Date or AsiaDate or Asia Date, they are scammers. I have contacted ladies via arranged telephone conversation which cost an arm an a leg after getting their email and telephone numbers I was unable to contact them. The phone was disconnected and email never answered

#2015-05-07 09:12:19 by Steve1963 @Steve1963

I would like to add to all the unrest here, and just to say, I categorically can inform people on here that it is a CON with a capital C, I was one of the mugs who fell for it as well, thankfully i did not spend a great deal of money, but unfortunately it was money i could ill afford anyway, but that's by the by, I can guarantee that Asain date is a scam 100%, I tell you for why, I was talking to a lady, and was trying to see if there was a way i could get my email to her, and phone number, but apparently when i typed my email address to her, all she got was dots, ok fair enough, so i coded it, like my name Hotmail dot co dot uk that sort of thing, but still according to her nothing was coming through, so i did it one word at a time, and low and behold, still nothing, i thought this odd, as i was talking to her and she was getting stuff i was writing but none of the single words, so i said, ok what i will do is type my email in in a picture and send it, strange thing was it wouldn't let me send a photo,so one last trick up my sleeve, which i know would work as i did it before, but after 2 days it was removed (expected) I said, ok i will type my email address into my profile right at the bottom, I knew this would be there, and I knew it would take 2 days to remove, so i put my email in, and saved profile, then went back to the lady and told her i had put my email in my profile go and check now, so she said, wow ok that's a good idea i will, and while i was waiting, all of a sudden, Asain date went offline, and message, oOOps , we are updating our systems to better serve you, please try again in a while, , and i couldn't log into my account i tried many times but nothing,so, being the ingenious person i am I thought i would create a new user and see if i could log in that way, so made up a name ect ect and then ..oh wow i logged in no probs, i surfed the pages, checked out women, added them and lots of other things as you would do normally,so i thought well its up and running now, so i decided to log back into my original account, and oh...still updating still cant get into my account, but the other account worked ok, but not mine, sorry for the long message, but had to explain how i knew it was a con...and there you have it..100% con merchants..

#2015-07-14 12:43:57 by blondsven @blondsven

You want to be 100% sure to loose your money, pay for their 'services'

Just look at their affiliate-program, the bonuses are well fat (if they pay them though) and that's your money going to any geek that caught you and hauled you in !!!

Don't say you're not warned...........

I put in a profile saying I was 99 years old, 295 lbs and no photo, the girls were lining up to chat and mail ( at sky-high prices) and most of them between 18 and 30 years old .
YEAH RIGHT, if you believe them go ahead and empty your bank-account..., good luck !

#2015-07-15 13:18:01 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@blondsven - thanks for your comment, which I found very informative. I am especially interested in your comment about their affiliate programs, and I am wondering if you have any experience with any of these sites as an affiliate, or what made you even think of that angle on the topic of they're scamming?

#2015-07-15 15:03:19 by blondsven @blondsven

@JohnAbbot Hi John, thanks for your reaction.

All came to be after I had a look on Anastasia for starters as somehow my email-box was bombarded with it (first dodgy sign in general right) luckily its an emailbox that I never use for serious or private communication but for some random browsing so to say.
Anyway, after making a profile I got bombarded with attention (chat pop-ups) of all sort including suggestive sexual phrases from off course the loveliest females you'll see, makes sense right, every 18 year old stunner wants to head it off like crazy with a 99 year old super-obese male she never met. ( dodgy sign no2 and no3 right there !)
ALL US GUYS get overwhelmed with the attention of the most beautiful women
everywhere we go normally right? WRONG !!
In the beginning you are allowed to open some letters directed to you and read about the best intentions these (maybe!) females have with a guy like you
Same goes for the chat pop-ups, open 1 in the beginning and you can talk maybe 2 minutes ,during which they act dumber than an amoebe, but then you have to buy 'credits' (always a good way to hide how much you spend) Off course the more you buy at once the cheaper per credit.
To open a letter (message) will cost you from then on at least $4 and to send one the same, chat I don't know but I read on other sites that guys calculated it back to around $10 a minute and amounts under and over that. (this is basically an instant messaging window or app)
To do videochat will cost you double so count your gold bars before doing one and other lol !
Off course you can send flowers and gifts but at prices that would even go Interflora green in the face, simplest bunch from $70 and then upwards in the 100's of dollars for something you have 0% control over and cant be sure if it is actually send at all because all your communication is monitored or directed/executed by staff.

About the affiliates is easy to see, just follow the link at the bottom of their page, bringing in a customer you will get $8 or $10 for starters, does he purchase credits the rewards can go up to $125 or even $350 and repeat-buyers will generate more for their agents or webmasters so with all that money going there what service can you expect ?? You have to wonder though if you join that side of their program if you will ever receive anything or the right amount, sites that scam their customers will just as easily scam their associates, agree ?

I am a lucky there as I never spent a penny on the bastards but I can well believe the guys that lost 1000's and a got left with a full negative experience.
Scams are so far and wide spread I learned to take the attitude that first I assume they all are until proven bonafide, sad really but I think the only practical way to try to separate the conman from the real thing, remember:


I hope this explains enough for you, I don't deal with people or organisations like that in any way so I cant give you any inside info there, but everything there stinks from top to bottom so I stay clear from it. I just like browsing into things and see what some sites are up to, one can never learn enough.......

#2015-10-20 12:11:29 by neoacevedo @neoacevedo

In such site I have noticed that real girls aren't the picture girls. I asked to support if there is a mode to check if the girl in the picture is the real girl.

What they answered to me is that they have a very strict filter and the girls must pass a test and so on, but actually I have a lot of doubts about that. I spent some of money sending flowers to 2 or 3 girls that caught my attention by pics and after exchanging mails and chatting (without webcam) and the girls in the pictures with flowers weren't the same.

Now I am talking with 2 girls, I could see 2 videos from each one and they look "original" but by previous experience I'm having some doubts whether girls are authentic.

Another thing I noticed is, according with their rules, men and girls can change physical information, can give personal address via mail each other what I tried but in the mails these information is banned, and recently, according too with their rules girls can place a calling to a man (if you configure accept calling from ladies in your profile) what I did since I registered. Some of them told me they tried to place a calling but the got as answer my number phone was incorrect (what? so, I mistook my phone numbers?) and asking again to support they told me that such service still is not available (fake?)

Another one is the girls "re-send" mails what I think is a mail bot because doesn't have any sense they repeat the same sentence, same picture.

I am beginning into this site hoping actually to have my real asian wife. I must say that 2 girls which I'm talkin in that site are so beauty and of course, if they are real good, I don't know after but if there is another one more scam so definetly will let the site and I will focuse in this totally.

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