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A Scam is a Scam is a Scam! Part 1:, – What’s the Difference?    

By John Abbot
2933309 Views | 31 Comments | 1/14/2014 1:44:17 PM
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#2014-01-16 18:49:18 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

I think all this talk of libel suits is a waste of time. John is a lawyer by trade and would not make these comments if he was afraid of being sued
In my understanding, libel cases can only be won if lies are told - simple!

When I moved to the UK in 2000 (from the UK) I was amazed at the adverts on TV
So many of them would advertise their own products and also mention another company (who was possibly selling the same, or similar product)
"Buy from us because we are cheaper than.... (ABC Company - or whoever)"

"This company's products are rubbish compared to ours" - would be the message they were sending - in no un-certain terms - they were not afraid of libel, because they could back up their claims
In the same sense, John and many other members of CLM could back up what he says - so there should be no worry of law-suits

As for ChnLove - I will wait for John to post his blog about this site before I tell you of my own experiences of this, another SCAM SITE - but I do feel I had the last laugh - so watch this space!

#2014-01-16 21:59:08 by anonymous8697 @anonymous8697

Being familiar with the site mentioned..I'd warned some of the girls I knew it was crap, and they had to go on Cam-Share, and write on paper and hold it to screen for contact information, as any other attempts by them was well as any info for contact from me came up as stars on their end.

They introduced me to QQ and I got the whole scoop on how interpreters not only block all contact info, but make it literally impossible to "date" on their dating website..

#2014-01-21 10:40:48 by scottieb @scottieb

This crazy,...I had joined AsianBeauties and over the span of nearly 6 months I have received nearly 90 letters from Fengxia professing her undying love for me. The crazy part, I do not pay to read them and have not responded to any of them, but they keep coming. She is simply paid to write them letters and aside from the site being criminal, why would I care to get involved with a chick with such low self-esteem? Aaaaahhhhhaaa ha ha ha!

#2014-01-21 12:32:12 by sunlady2011 @sunlady2011

The membership information has been deleted

#2014-01-21 15:37:42 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@sunlady2011 - I am sorry, but I don't understand your comment. Could you explain please?

#2014-02-10 11:48:27 by anonymous8837 @anonymous8837

what everyone here is saying is perfectly true, and thankfully you saved me from being further fleeced. i wasnt even listening to my best mates saying its a scam! but hey everyone ,this is one hell of a scam, and i also believe that the girls are innocent ?? bystanders on the scam.They are as set up as u and me.. or am i just being a typical nieve european twat ?.....Thanks and praise to John Abbot.....The force is with you because your on the right path.

#2014-02-23 09:49:17 by kwe @kwe

I personally feel it's important to start naming names so that we all know who the "bad" ones are, who the fake people are on that AB website, just as Scottieb did with Fengxia.

The name on the profile said "Jiaolei(Laura)" and her "interview" page noted that her nickname is "Lala." Since I speak fluent Chinese and can type Chinese, I thought I had a chance to meet a real lady there.

I typed, "Your name is very nice. It sounds lovely."

Her response: "Really? You mean my Chinese name?"

I replied: "Your name Lala."

"Lala? What does that mean?"

"Your interview page said that."

"Laura? Lala? Are they the same thing?"

"No, your interview page said that."

"Oh, yeah, haha. I thought you meant Laura and Lala have the same meaning. I guess I'm not that smart."

THAT should have been a red flag right there. How can someone not know her own nickname? I overlooked that, and then I continued chatting with her for 20 minutes before I had to attend a work meeting.

Later on, when I logged into my account, I saw SEVENTEEN letters from her--all on that same day. Each letter costs 10 credits to open, and she was basically saying the same things in each of those letters, garbage like "It was so nice to chat with you," "where are you now? I don't see you online," "let's chat online again soon. i'm waiting for you," etc. Her letters were all at least 2 paragraphs long but essentially said the same thing. The other red flag was that each of the photos she attached was titled "s" or "ss." Who does that? (All of the photos are different pictures but each one is titled "s" or "ss.")

Ultimately, I got on the chat system again and explained to her in Chinese, in her own language, that I would order a phone call so that we could exchange contact information. I explained, clearly, that this letter system and chat system wouldn't work because of the heavy costs. She agreed to do it. And yet the next day she sent me another FOURTEEN letters on that website.

After we spoke on the phone through the AB system--I didn't need a translator since I spoke Chinese but still the phone call was pricey--she sent me an email. One sentence. That was it. So, in the letters through that site she sent at least 1-2 paragraphs. In this email she sent 1 sentence. Obviously she is sending form letters through that website. And then soon enough she sent more letters through that website. And I see her online on that website every single day. She is also on there for very strange hours every day. I sometimes do meetings with bosses in China so I am familiar with the time difference. I see her online on that website from 11 pm to 7 am or so China time. That is a major red flag. This means Jiaolei(Laura) is not a real lady. She is either a slut or someone paid to chat with men online. There is a lot more to this Jiaolei(Laura) but I want to tell you these points for now to let you all know not to be tricked by her. She is definitely a scammer. Avoid her at all costs.

#2014-04-16 22:11:05 by anonymous9667 @anonymous9667

Hope you find this interesting, folks.. I got so ticked off with the cost of Asian Beauties/Asian Date, well as what seems to be

photo shopping,(50 year olds looking like 25 year old models)
the non ability to contact profiles directly,
additional charges for photos,
pop ups of 22 year olds many asking if I wanted someone hot and passionate,

that I deleted my own photos and remarks and inserted comments pertaining to the above issues in the remarks section of my profile. I also deleted all but two letters from my inbox. Guess what, the very next day I still got more letters and pop ups from 'members' declaring their love, etc. including another letter from one of the profile letters that I had saved...


#2014-04-20 16:32:39 by kwe @kwe

Anonymous 9667, I'm sorry to hear about your situation too. You mentioned 22-year-olds... Let me guess, they're from Changsha? Also I wonder if anybody else got played by this Jiaolei(Laura) like me.

#2014-06-03 04:41:26 by trubadore64 @trubadore64

Well I just did my last transaction with It was to request the deletion of my profile. I can't help wondering if some of the women are not paid for services of suckering some poor guy out of his money. I would like to think that is not the case.... but there is a skeptic inside me that says these women think this is "A legitimized form of scamming" if there is such a thing and that at least some of them are in fact in it for some kind of kick back.

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