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A Letter from a Professional Asian Dating Scammer    

By John Abbot
13825 Views | 21 Comments | 10/5/2013 5:33:42 PM
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#2013-10-08 04:55:26 by RobertB @RobertB

I had my food but I did not choke.
Maybe because I expect all sorts of things.
That lady, used obviously English the way probably no native speaker would use. So, that was not really English. It was just a collection of words, that were trying to convey some meaning.
It is hard to figure out exactly what she was trying to say.
If she spoke like that to her boss.. Sad story.
Clearly she had no idea. It maybe true that intelligence is not exactly always the same thing. In this case is the ability to act in any way that is obviously act of desperation. She either had to do it, to look "good", she "punished" you, or, she was totally lost herself and was trying to say something. Hoping that you will back off.
I would not give more than 1% chance for that. It is dangerous to assume that. Being a woman she enjoys a degree of leniency.
Not granted in some environments. I am little concerned that it is also possible that she is a victim of extreme persuasion. She does not seem to be intelligent enough to be independent in this. She admits that here:" And you underestimate my intelligence, fucking liar."
she clearly says she is not intelligent here.
If you are a liar and you underestimate then you are overestimating, right?

#2013-10-09 06:35:51 by scubaguy14 @scubaguy14

it may be inappropriate or even open to liable, but is there a list of bad sites people could refer to or a dating review site?

#2013-10-09 13:29:35 by Barry1 @Barry1

@RobertB .

Thanks for your comments, Robert.

I think some folks on these websites - both male and female - have been scammed in one way or another in the past so unfortunately they become too suspicious of everyone. Always there will be both good and bad people, but one must be careful to not throw the baby out with the bathwater!

By the way, I wasn't aware up till now that some Chinese ladies had such an excellent command of certain English swear words that would even make a grizzled old truckie blush! :)

@scubaguy14 I reported a scammer only today who was trying to solicit $1500 for some cock and bull story he'd been telling me. The site I used was an Australian one:

Then of course, there is Scambusters.

#2013-10-21 09:00:28 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

The first few lines of Joans letter should make you suspicious

I have seen many letters similar to this and in EVERY CASE there have been 2 distict similarities
1) The girl claims to be an orphan
2) The girls adopted father is either seriously ill or has died / died when she was young
The whole idea is to make you feel "sorry" for them and to "pity" them
These scammers attempt to pull at your "heart strings"

I just feel really really sorry for the poor guys who get taken in
Beware of orphans and anyone who has lost an adoptive parent

#2013-10-23 22:18:01 by lucyzhang2013 @lucyzhang2013

oh! Thanks for sharing. I learn a lot. There are some of female scrammers and male scrammers online as well. I am happy to read blogs to know how to deal with problems and also give best wishes to people who marry.

#2013-10-24 00:35:19 by evahuihan @evahuihan

reading these scammer topics really widened my knowleges of those on line dating stuff.and compare with my communicating experices with 2 man one from uk the other NZ.Iconclude they all might be different type of scammers .
i ve been contacting with the uk 1 for 2or 3yrs .feel good with eachother knw wht we do for living how much we can earn.thats ok fair enough.but he always mention lack of fund need to pay mortgage bills life is hard no work whtever.. otherwise he will come to visit me.i realise he never mention the word money but otherword instead.i dont knw wether its an imply of appeal ling for money.
the NZ 1 he sent me 4messages here i responded 3 then we started chatting on skype .the first line he sent to my mobile is i love u and i want you to be my wife and i d like to pay you the flight to get here .could u do me a favor to drop by the travel agent to ask for the price of the flight.i replied no thanks leave me alone .after knowing i will not be like that he starts to change topics and try to be friendly and this he kept on chatting with me on phone for quite a while and suddenly stopped and i never hear from him i assume he knows i wont go visit him in his country like he want in the begining then he give up .so i think he might be another type of scammer .want scam me to NZ.HAHA
after reading the above topics i realize its hard to find a real person but scammer.i didnt mean everyone is scammer not just hard to tell real from fake like human from vampire.or we need to transform one day hahaha

#2013-10-31 09:41:14 by chinamike @chinamike

I pretty much think that if anyone receives a rather long and rambling letter in email, especially right away, the signs of a scam are pretty obvious. I used to correspond with some African and Russian women, giving them one of my secondary email addresses, and would wait for their long letter, which of course would arrive.
I would then ask them to take a photo of themselves, holding a piece of paper with the words "I read your mail Michael. You live in Hawaii". I never once got that clarification. But I would of course receive another long and boorish email, that never referred to anything I said or asked in my replies. You can always tell who is scamming when the emails you receive are very long, and never refer to anything you ask.

#2013-12-12 13:20:16 by lovely4ivy @lovely4ivy

I had a very bad experience with scammers , I always use skype with camera and refuse to communicate via email to refine by scammers or real person , but some scammers managed to record my face and they play video footage of other people also in camera skype , I hope they do not use tape my face to deceive others , some have tried hard to convince me that foreigners do not like to communicate via skype with the camera , they even tried to contact me with accounts of young women , when I do not respond to the guy who account wantid contact I and terdeksi as scammers , I received a lot of emails from scammers , either from their fixed sites or send email facebook.bahkan although I do not give a reply , the scammers even use my email address to post on porn website , as a result I get a lot of emails with photo images of naked women that ended difolder spam , communities really very low and disgusting , and have a lot of female victims of my country , where they exist everywhere, and uttered a dirty word when not managed to deceive me . and it is very affecting and disturbing me , I really hope there are no more people are deceived by them , so that they stop harming and distressing others

#2014-01-17 08:20:45 by DarkHunter @DarkHunter

@musicmugger Hi I just wanted to ask how I could go about tracking down a lady from in order to find out if she's real or a scammer? I tried a picture search but didn't get any further and as I can't contact her unless I pay on I don't know what to do.
If she is real I'd certainly like to know her but if not, well I'm not taking any risks!:)

#2014-01-20 17:01:31 by danruble @danruble

Hello all. a few quick points.. First.. Robert that woman did not use native English because that is the way MANY from that part of the world communicate. Second on using the F word.. I use QQ to caht with people and try to help a few with their English skills.. I have seen numerous posts and communications from young Chinese that use the F word as though they grew up in Queens, Or Van Nuys.. It is VERY common.. some don't realize how offensive it is to many people... I have even had a young lady send me an email for correction before she sent it to a client that used the F word Yes in a business letter! Yikes! Thirdly, that letter from the scammer has red flags all ove4r it.. woe is me.. a sad tale a set up .. but what is most telling is how she is so HONEST and how HONESTY is paramount .. that word, and, although I don't recall mention in this particular letter, The words praise God, God Bless You, Or anything relating to Christian values are RED FLAGS... Oh, and "Good man" "family values" or some such are all great buzz words to look out for....

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