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A Letter from a Professional Asian Dating Scammer    

By John Abbot
13861 Views | 21 Comments | 10/5/2013 5:33:42 PM

Whoever Asian dating Scammer Joan49 is, one thing for certain is that she is not Indonesian movie start Luna Maya, as she pretended to be.

We recently received a double Scammer report on ALM member Joan49, another Asian dating scammer and now a resident of Scammer Prison. The interesting thing about the reports was that both gentlemen had recognized in Joan49’s behavior sure signs that she was leading up to asking for money, and that she was a Scammer for sure, but neither had yet received a request for money, which is essential in our placing someone in Scammer Prison lacking other evidence. We can hardly put someone in Prison for acting suspicious but we also don’t want to leave someone out there who we are very confident is a Scammer. It’s a tough spot for us.

Luckily, in this case, when we investigated Joan49 we discovered that some of her photos were clearly photos of an Indonesian celebrity, and that was good enough for us to be able to conclude she is not who she says she is and is therefore a Scammer, so we tossed her into the slammer.

We also reprimanded the employee who approved Joan49 for not catching the photos as stolen when Joan49 uploaded them, but the employee remembered having checked the photos on Google and getting no indication of them being posted elsewhere on the internet. That does happen sometimes, so we can’t be sure in this case, but in any event we were glad to have the conclusive evidence and to be able to get Joan49 behind bars. You can link to her prison cell here:

But the other interesting thing about this case is that one of the reporting members provided a very long letter received from Joan49 by way of private email, and this letter is an example of the classic message sent by an Asian dating scammer in the process of luring the innocent victim into her spider’s web. If you get a letter like this, you can be pretty damned sure that you’re dealing with a Scammer. When you’re dating Asian women, this is the kind of setup letter to really beware of. So let’s run a little test here. Please comment on this post and in your comments specifically discuss the signs in this letter that tell you she’s a Scammer:

From: Joan Peramo

Subject: its me joan peramo heres more of my pictures i am from fc

Hello my dear,

How are u? I hope u have a nice day,, as well as I am hoping that u have good health and doing fine, Before anything else I want to share to you about myself im Joan Peramo im 29 years old from Koronadal City South Cotabato and taking up BS Nursing as graduating student...I am 5' 5 tall and weigh of 54 kilograms...I like cooking in my sparetime,,And I love dancing and I am very passionate and I love most, to see some beautiful and great natures...

I am good cultured filipina with a good up bringing and values,,A woman who possess great ambition and dreams in life,,,A descent woman who always be humble,honest,trustworthy and hardworking, and a woman who has fear to GOD.

At this time I am willing to tell u about my short story of my life,,,,,,

I am orphan girl...I grew in the orphanage,,due of the absence of my real parent because they are separated and left me in our neighbor when i was 5 months old,,And our neighbor put me here in the orphan because they cannot raised me because they have a lot of children also,,at the orphan they raise me well and luckily in my age of 4 years old I was adopted by a couple who have no child but they old enough ......I think they have an age of almost 50,,,,And they stand as my father and mother,,but we have only a normal level of living,,My foster father have a piece of land and he made it for his farm because he is only a the same time my foster mother take care of me until I go to school when I am 7 years old,,,We have happy life together and the time come my father have illness,,He have cancer of the bone in his left knee,,,,He got to have medication in the hospital that is the reason why we sold our land but nothing we can do for him....And then,,,my mother and me transfer to find house even a rent and where we the same time I continue schooling,,My mother support for my school and in our daily needs..but when I am got highschool I did worked together with my mom...We got only laundry washing from anybody sometimes in our neighbors just for food and some needs,,,I am lucky because i am one of the top student in school that is why i grant a scholarship until i finish my highschool...That is why my mom was not get hard for me to get school...until I reach the 4th year highschool and I am going to graduate,,,my mom was very happy to me and excited to pinned all my medals and awards coz i graduated being valedictorian...but it is a bad moment in my life,,,My foster mother was passed away because of car accident 5 days before my graduation day...It was the most sad moment in life but I still i need to be strong for me to live and survive...cause of my strong determination to finish my studies and have a degree.,,And I live alone and work, i accept laundry wash from my neighbor and other person for me to live and survive..And that is the reason I decided to in college and i took nursing for 4 years,,I am happy coz I grant 3 years scholarship in college cause of being valedictorian in highschool...I am very serious in my study and get laundry after school time and until i find a part time job as waitress in the restaurant but sad to say i lost my job last 4 months because of the recession so the company i worked was close now I finish 3rd year college,,,now i am on my last year of schooling, i am now a 4th year nursing student but it was very hard for me now because I am not scholar anymore....cause I finished the contract of my scholarship,,,,

thats is why right now since my scholarship already end up and i dont have any choice if i could still continue my nursing i am now on my fourth year but theres nothing i cant do because i am very broke right now and i dont have worked i lost my job as a waitress in the restaurant since 4 months because of the recession here i wanted to finsihed my nursing because i have only one semester left to graduate and its my greatest dream to finsihed nursing because i know this will be a big help for me and for my future husabnd because i may able to help him when we will be together we will worked togeter and help one another as husband and wife but maybe this is my faith maybe i could not finsihed my nursing because i am already alone and lonely in this world i dont have any family who loves me and who can help me in my difficulties right now

i wanted to finsihed my nursing because I want to have better future and good life that is why I have no time for having boyfriend before....I have experience once.. but not successful cause he is not serious with me and i found out that he have another girlfriend,,,it hurts me cause I am good with him all the time..and until time come,,I am really affraid to inlove maybe it will happen to me again.

I am sure that u are wondering why I am here in the net searching? what is my purpose and reasons? OK I WILL TELL U.

Definitely i am here because of my purpose and reasons,,,as u know I am here just only taking chances maybe to met man to have good and serious relationship,,if that chance will granted I will be glad and happy..and I hope that I have a lucky chances for what I am here...

And u know that one reason Im here because of my friends who are now living with there foreigner husband abroad....they are my bestfriend in my college days....they want me to met a good man here and be my lover in a long run...who have patient,understanding,and willing to accept me for what I am and who I am.....they give me this WEBSITE and thaught how to use and manage just to have it.....cause they wanted me to have a good life like them..that is why i am taking chances here and I pray and hope that I have a good search...

Actually, I am here not for play games but for real cause if u only play games with me your only wasting your time and I am here for good intention and willingness of my heart to have a good man..and I hope i will be respect and not to give bad meaning cause I decide to search for the right man here for goodness and not for worsed...Most of all I hate liar cause I am here to be truthful and I am always true to my self. And the best reason I am here is to dedicate my love and affection to the man who is really good and nice to me all the time..

I am willing to relocate where my mans lived and have happy family with my future children..And I want that my man allow me to get work too,,cause I did have a degree in nursing if hopefully i could continue and finsihed my nursing this coming December of 2013 and the same time I will do my duty and responsiblity being a wife and being a mother ...and I dont want my husband working alone for me .cause I want to help him for built a good family and good future and we are going to have work together...cause I will love my children of course...and I dont want that they will experienced what I have experienced before ,,have no family and have not felt the love exist inside the family ...if my husband not want me to have work it is ok ,,,but i will do my obligation as wife and mother for my husband and future children.

it is okay with me also if my partner dont want children,,as long as you are with me and i am with you and we truly love, respect and faithful to one another

I pray and hoped that all this my dream will work out,,,,AND I HOPE U ARE THE MAN MEANT TO BE WITH ME.

As I will going to finish this letter of mine I hope u inspired reading it and appreciate for what I am and my dreams,

Have a nice day to you,,,take care and god bless...

This Scammer may be a loner, or she may be part of a large scam organization or even an employee of a major scam business, but in any event she is not your typical Asian woman who is simply looking for a few bucks to get something to eat, and whose scams are very obvious and happen in the second or third chat at the latest. This Scammer is someone who has taken it to the next level and clearly has made Scamming guys who think they are online Asian dating with a real Asian woman “her” profession. “She” has joined the ranks of the scum of the earth, professional online dating Scammers.

Again, please comment on this post with your thoughts on what are the tells in this Scammer letter that alert you to the fact that it’s the first step in a scam. Especially you old hands, this is your chance to help inform the guys who are new to Asian dating what to watch out for to avoid being scammed.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2013-10-05 21:52:53 by prana @prana


#2013-10-06 07:05:04 by RobertB @RobertB

to me this letter is inconsistent.
On one hand very eloquent introduction and very long.
On the other hand it is full of grammar mistakes that makes it a bit strange looking. If you are so good at English so surely you will not make so obvious mistakes. That shows that it could have been done by cutting and pasting by someone who is clever enough to do it but who does not command English very well.
Also she sounds a little bit too much too good to be true.
It is like some sort of commercial advert. Its aim is to make a potential victim first sympathize with her, maybe a little admire, then think that she is very naive and very docile. That does not cut.
I think there are too many contradictions.
It is nice but it is somewhat too personal for a first letter.
I received once a letter saying this:

I live in XXX, I am rich and beautiful ...
I need you and I am willing to give you my money.
When I responded that I needed her to write to my address.. here and there, she never did..
So, all that incredible devotion was nothing.

That is what happens, many men want devoted women and so women want men that are all for them.
Reality is that you cannot vow your life even before you have seen them in person, let alone before you even have seen their writing.

Recently I have noticed that many girls use "playing games" phrase.
In fact, everyone is trying to meet with someone and we do not know if they are good for us, we do not even know if we are good for them.
So, we all play games. what they mean is that or they should mean that once they get to know someone they should try to solve real problems using real means.
Most of the time, they talk a lot, then steer the discussion towards money.
They have no patience as they are trying to earn some income.
So, all those nice words are preparation for the real thing.
If she is so good at school, why mistakes?
If she wants to be independent, then why not finish first. then look? Also, for now, she could meet someone and talk to for a year, maybe improve English.. Here she needs money, no denial.
The end of the letter is rushed. She had no patience but she wanted to be good and fair. She did not take care into finding out if the recipient was religious or not. Just treats everyone like that. Maybe she is mass mailer.
I received many letters like that directly to my mail box. from Russia even.
So, it is spam. It is possible that it is a legitimate letter in the sense that she thinks that she finds a man that can give her money.
chances are she will take the money but not be faithful to him.
In any way it is not fair as she is fishing for something. The letter is long.
Most women have no patience to write long stories.
They have no time either, unless they are professional.
So, what else.. This is too kind of direct. She does not know the people.
She acts as she knows. Also as they owe her something.
As for future working plans, I think that she is bragging a lot.
It is not easy to find jobs. Now she talks as if it was a peace of cake.
Sure, I am not denying it is easier often for women to work than for men.
Yet, she goes from being servile to her husband to downgrading him.
Then she agrees not to work. She is discussing things in her mind and not even waiting for response, she is ready for any eventuality.
She is versatile and flexible.
Wrong picture. Men like beautiful and cute women. Especially that look like the one on the picture. So, they think::
Oh, no, such a lovely, intelligent and innocent girl. She is hurt by fate.
I will rescue her. She is the best. I cannot lose this chance.
That is interesting. Some work and some psychology, some cheap tricks.

#2013-10-06 07:34:29 by musicmugger @musicmugger

I am a member of a number of anti-scam organisations, I first came across these parasites more than fifteen years ago, then it was only Africans, and these were not at all sophisticated. They were hitting Yahoo, and Skype mainly, Skype more than any, but now they are on all the social networks, Baddoo and its sister companies are the worst with at least eight out of ten letters I was receiving from Africans using different countries in their profiles there were, not only black, but white girls too. Sadly these social sites are more interested in their numbers than the safety of their members . I have reported people and they come back again to me with the same pictures, just a different name, and when I have created hell with the owners they tell me they are trying to put a stop to it, and thanks for letting them know, CLM is the only site I have been on that has an ISP check available, if there are more, let me know.
The scammers use plenty of tricks these days. Now everyone has been, or should have been made aware that you should always ask to see them on cam; if they say I have no cam; dump them. Now they run videos to try and fool the unsuspecting, these videos are usually bad quality and since the word has gone out that you should get them to wave to you, they all behave as though they have a mental problem fidgeting and waving their hands about periodically. Tell them to stop, and make them do something you want. Normally when you ask they will hand you an excuse, or act as though you've said nothing, when you insist they will usually go off line.
Most of the people I have spoken to who have actually been scammed, and I'm afraid it's not only the men out there, but also ladies, are either so desperate, or have an ego the size of a house. Think about it. If a hunk of a brute, or a sexy woman sends you an email from out of the blue, and tells you they love you within two letters, go take a look in the mirror, then ask yourself if that same woman or man would stop you in the street and say the same thing. These people rely on your ego, and your loneliness to gain your interest. How can a person genuinely, and that quickly, fall in love with you when they've not even seen you?
On dating, and social sites if you are asked to meet someone away from your safe haven don't, unless you know them well, most people use web addresses, and they are the easiest things to set up, and there is little or no check made with a lot of them. Wait until you know people before parting with yours, when you refuse you will normally find if the person is not genuine, he or she will be gone.
There is documented evidence of people being lured to Africa and not only have they lost their money, credit cards and passports, but some their lives too. These are extreme cases, but nevertheless it has happened. Do not think these people are fools, they are organised gangs who are prepared to go that far.
Africa is certainly not the only country at it, Russia, the Ukraine, are also notorious now, the Philippines tend to have more scroungers than hard line scammers, but these leaches will try to get $100 for their kids shoes and will continue pestering you if they think you are a soft touch. Africans scam groups work out of Indonesia, and Vietnam, and many other countries so now you never know when you will be hit. Always be suspicious, do not be fooled by sweet talk or a pretty face.
As bad as the scammers are some of the online dating agencies, once more African, Russian, and Chinese where almost every fifty plus woman looks like a model or a dolly bird. These people who run certain Chinese dating sites are able to fool you because ladies from China do look lovely in their later years, and do not look their age, but I can assure you, there is not an agency on the planet where ever woman looks like a teenager and is so beautiful regardless of their age, these agencies use models, and a lot of the girls are on commission to get as much money by encouraging you to write to them, and the agencies have the timers rigged on the chat lines so you use up credit at a furious rate of knots. I'm not going to name and shame even though I would like to, because it would come back on CLM. All you need to remember is to always be suspicious.
I expect there will be those who will read this and argue I'm wrong or scaremongering, good, if only a handful of people are forewarned and safe it's done its job, but a message to you all who think that way, wait until it's your turn.
For the record, I do not work for CLM or ALM, I am just impressed that they have made the effort to put a stop the these criminals when others only have excuses why they can't.

#2013-10-06 15:44:01 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@prana - if I understand your question correctly we have 2 websites. In English they are called and is the larger of the two sites and is devoted to Chinese women only. Because ChinaLoveMatch does not translate well to Chinese, our Chinese name for the site is, as you say, 伊甸园国际交友网. is devoted to the ladies of South East Asia, and even though CLM makes up for more of the traffic than ALM on the blogs and forum, they are still available to members of ALM just as they are to CLM.

I hope that answers your question.

@RobertB - nice job in pointing out much of the content in the letter that is inconsistent with a genuine Asian woman who is sincerely seeking a lifemate.

@musicmugger - this is a great summary of what newbies to online dating need to be aware of. Thanks for posting it.

However, regarding the Scam Websites, please don't worry about naming names. We've been naming names for sometime now, and we're gearing up to name a whole lot more. Here are just a few of many examples of where we've publicly gone on the record outing some of the Scam sites:

We're perfectly happy to have you and anyone else use our forum or blogs to out these criminals.

#2013-10-06 16:46:59 by wumei520 @wumei520

Your Chinese language is very good

#2013-10-06 16:59:03 by Barry1 @Barry1

My immediate response as to why I think Joan49 is a scammer is simple, John - the letter is way too long and too detailed in its predictable content. Simple as that.

Quite clearly, it's been worked on over time, tweaked and added to here and there - until this end result. It'll no doubt be copied and pasted to multiple hapless, lonely men spread out over multiple dating sites.

One must be careful though. On this very website (CLM) today, I received a note from a Chinese lady saying

"you are a person very despicable crooks, pure here is playing with her feelings and waste other people's time, please stay away from me. Otherwise I will report you. You of the intelligence quotient is too low. And you underestimate my intelligence, fucking liar."

Phew, she didn't mince words, did she. I nearly fell off my chair when I read all of this because I hardly knew her.

She had sent me a kiss a day or two ago - I responded in a generic way as I do to everyone - with this perplexing result. I can only assume she thought I was a scammer - but why?? I hadn't told her I was poor; I hadn't hinted that I was in any way needy. Maybe a psychiatric problem exists here, a mental health issue?

So indeed, one must be careful in labelling people as scammers, in case a mistake is made.

#2013-10-06 19:13:16 by haifeng @haifeng


#2013-10-06 21:59:40 by RobertB @RobertB

@JohnAbbot I am happy I could help. Actually I was aware of the problem but @musicmugger has shown me the true extent and danger level of the problem that reminds me of piracy. I mean you want to meet genuine people and try to be as nice as possible, then someone else just drives in and disrupts the traffic. I remember that around 1995 I was working for security then in South Africa and we talked to a woman, during our alarm response. She told us, she was on her way to a man in Australia that she knew only from letters. We were weary about this and asked her to be cautious. Those day were better as it was just the beginning yet at the same time more dangerous in the sense that no one was really expecting real danger.
I have been a victim of one site. It is called Chnlove.
All the women there were pretty. Even those who were like in their fifties they looked like in their twenties.
Sometimes it was even funny (if not financial and emotional cost) when supposed bank manager of a major bank tells me that she does not know how to use email, so she has to use the chnlove directly.
Or someone else tells me in the first letter that her whole body immediately belongs to me. There were even two that said that they wanted to give me huge money and do whatever I wanted , yet when I asked them to write to me to my private box.. nothing happened.
It is actually criminal as I believe they harm the image of not only dating websites in general, but Chinese women and even China as a whole.
According to those women's statements China has huge population of incompetent higher management. That of'course is not true, we all know that Chinese have very good economy considering various aspects of it, it just shows how their behavior and seems to be both damaging and highly inconsistent. Luckily for us they are sort of primitive.
As @musicmugger pointed out they try to become more sophisticated, that is bad news. I know that they charge people exuberant amount of money to watch those phoney videos. Actually travel to China costs less than some of the poor people have spent on chatting to perfectly either cruel and stupid women or women who are used and abused by the system of the unscrupulous people, who obviously are not robbing others to feed poor malnourished children. They probably use it for debauchery of one kind or another and who knows maybe even are guilty of tax evasion.

#2013-10-06 22:03:32 by prana @prana

我明白了,Thank you! 约翰,新一周快乐!

#2013-10-07 03:51:54 by musicmugger @musicmugger

Aha, was one of names I withheld, they are part of Anastasia International Limited, who are also, and they also own a Latino dating site.
China Love, or as it's called now., and for Russians, and Ukrainians are another dodgy company, all these people charge to read and write letters using the excuse the cost of translation, but that is rubbish, I can understand charging to send, or for a membership, but these people are just out to screw you big time, they have women as clients who defy logic, and I have seen the same pictures of these beautiful women crossing from one site to the other. If you search for these sites you will find they take up most of the search engines blowing their own whistle, but visit the likes of and you will see them in a different light. do not stop their clients giving their email address unlike the Anastasia group, but if you manage to get one of these women to write to you, you will be very lucky, they all come back with the same excuse, they do not know you, and you may be a scammer. This is even after you have been exchanging letters for months.
The Anastasia group have a cute game running, they block all telephone number, and emails address, but as long as you have sent and received five letters, or pay them money, or sent the lady a gift costing in excess of $100, they will allow you to send your details to a woman, I have not bothered, but I expect you will be greeted with the same reply as those on CHNDate. If someone has had any luck with any of these sites I'd like to know, but to date I have only spoken with those who have not.

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