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Weiming, aged 42 and single, has lived her life as a woman of small physical stature, working in a small company, but possesses an inner bigness. A woman of seeming contradictions, she can be a little naive yet also learned, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Always a believer in love, friendship and loyalty, yet her belief in undying devotion has been fading as of late. She has been pursuing happiness, but happiness is proving to be imperfect. She lives a busy city life, yet yearns for a life of countryside leisure. She yearns for a happy family, yet lives in solitude. Her life, like herself, is contradictory yet harmonious, complex yet simple.
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A Harmonious and Beautiful Home is the Source of Our Happiness. 一个和谐美丽的家园,就是我们幸福的所在    

By Weiming
2916 Views | 4 Comments | 7/19/2014 3:39:37 PM

In the little by little indifference and alienated world, I've always wanted to show some more beautiful things, it will make us get some spiritual comfort, work toward the good direction. See this group of photos, do you have want to escape from the cracks of the city, back to nature in the arms?

I always like to use an auto focus camera, because there is no skill, follow one's inclinations. These photos of Guangxi ordinary village were taken with Lenovo's Vc30 auto focus camera in the past. The place where a Lord love, have the most warm sunshine, beautiful lotus pond, verdant hill, green grass of the river beach. With the light and shadow of the sun, the duck can leisurely pace, elongated shadow stop have a rest; A group of chickens fly on the slopes, high overlook, look back look around; The buffalos in the floodplain free grazing, two dogs faithful waiting for the door. Look, how free they are and dear to each other. A harmonious and beautiful homeland is the place that our happiness.


When I was a kid, remember everywhere full of wild rose in the river bank, the children twined the flowers into wreaths and wore in their head, like the wind running wild, laughing all the way. Once, my sister and I walked a masonry bridge through the river, the bridge central suddenly horizontal hang up a rainbow, rosy clouds all over the sky, pink wild roses blooming hangs full on both sides of the river, we were surprised at the bridge, until the rainbow disappeared, that dare going to the other side. In the long river of my life, always remember such beautiful scenery, stay in my mind, will never fade. After that the wild rose is which year which day disappeared, I don't remember anymore.

Guangxi is a multi-ethnic remote area of China, a place to have very wonderful mountains and beautiful waters, because the economy is relatively backward, and has remained very simple folk customs. But the excessive development of tourism in recent years, the excessive development of real estate, is worrying, commercial flood almost engulfed the whole of China, one day, the human must pay for his foolish and greedy.

Well, I accidentally become cultural hipster and the cynic. My words has nothing to do with the emotional subject,  I always wander.  Everyone at random,  let visual leisure in for two minutes.








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#2014-07-19 16:20:34 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Weiming - "Well, I accidentally become cultural hipster and the cynic."

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this line. Maybe I've just been missing what's going on lately, but I have never heard before the phrase "cultural hipster" and I suspect you've invented something special with that. I hope that if you have you are duly noted by the linguistic historians for coining such a phrase.

But even if I am wrong on that point, to have combined it with having "accidentally become" a cultural hipster and also a cynic is really brilliant. To me a cultural hipster would be one who is really caught up in political correctness, but a cynic is almost the opposite, and would be one who sneers at political correctness, so it would seem to be impossible to be both.

And yet, the reality is that it has become almost trendy to be a cynic, as it has long been trendy to be politically correct. Today we encounter countless people who cling to the self applied title of cynic while clearly wallowing in political correctness. And what better way to describe how a person can be both that to say it happened accidentally.

Weiming, if I had written the above sentence, I might well set down my pen and never pick it up again (or set down my computer and never pick it up again), because I would look at what I created and say to myself "that was so good that I can never top it,".

Having said all that, perhaps I should have simply said "I wish I'd said that". Right, @Melcyan?

As an aside, contrary to what you say, I find that you write with great emotion, and that you bring out the emotions in me. Keep up the great work.

#2014-07-19 17:34:55 by panda2009 @panda2009



#2014-07-20 20:41:44 by Apinkapple @Apinkapple


#2018-07-27 10:01:31 by RobertB @RobertB

Once I worked for a short time for Lenovo. It produces so many things. 

Just like Samsung. When I looked at those beautiful pictures of the country village in Guangxi province I remembered the time when I went to visit my aunt in southern Poland when I was about 5 years old. Maybe less. 

I remember that.. Very small and it was all interesting. There was no past and possibly no future just the moment there. I was even trying to chase the chickens but not for dinner, just to check if I could run as fast. The cats were in the house. My aunt was busy cooking the dinner. So, all that was then and life is just like this. Moving on and constantly so we can barely notice but then we see that we are further on. Everytthing is moving, even this peaceful country village. 


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