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Love to smile, born in a small village, enjoyed the farm life with my family before leaving home for schools and college, have been working in cities so far, being interested in history, music and sports, dreaming to fly all over the world, hoping to share my feelings with you. I believe great friendships or even really happy relationships are based on good communication. What are you chasing after in the world, my dear friends? Anyway, I hope you are not lonely during your search.
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A Chinese Woman’s Life in Australia: The First Egg 一个中国女人在澳洲的生活经历:第一个鸡蛋    

By Meg
1922 Views | 8 Comments | 5/26/2016 2:58:26 PM

My black girls - 黑妞

When I heard the hens singing, “Hens lay eggs?!”  I put down my basket on the table, took off gloves, dried my hands, and I ran to the chicken house. Look! There it is! The two black hens were singing there, a shining egg was lying in the nest. I picked up the egg carefully: it was warm,sticked with feather; I cleaned it with my hands, held it and ran to tell my husband and kid happily……

The next day, another hen called Rosie laid an egg, too. I collected them in a box and put the box on the first floor, keep them cooler. I thought: We would have a brood of chicks soon.

Mum knew the hens we bought have laid eggs. She asked me online, “did you buy any rooster?”  “No. Only four hens” I said. “HAHAHAHA……” Mum laughed loudly and happily. “What? Why are you laughing?” I asked. “Without rooster, your eggs will all get mess, no chicks.” Mum said. Oh, my god! I guess my husband didn’t know that, either. I post our joke on WECHAT to all family, they all laughed.

Garden &Home

Since we moved to the new home, my heart is getting calmer.

Sleeping and rest have been returning regularly as before – sleep early, get up early. Once I was worried about insomnia, these months it disappeared. Every night, my husband will enjoy watching TV after dinner and when I sit on the soft and comfortable sofa, I can hardly lift my eyelids. I said, "My eyes are tiring, I always feel sleepy after dinner; I was not like this before. What is happening?” “You get up early every morning and work hard in the garden till night, you are just too tired, baby.” My husband asks me not to work so hard. But I don’t feel tired, only sleepy, I am very happy to work hard in the garden.

Look! The Growing Instructions, “Seedlings emerge 6-10 days”, and my Broccoli seedlings emerged in 3 days. How can’t be excited?

Every morning, there will be different pictures in my eyes, seedlings grow different heights with different colours; without fertilization, they are light yellow; after fertilize a day or two, immediately the colour gradually turning dark green. It’s less than two months since I worked on the garden, dug the earth, set up garden beds, now it has been full of greenery -  Mediterranean broccoli are flowering, Chinese Broccoli are flowering, snow peas are hanging on the branches, Ba Choi is waiting for picking. Perhaps, the weather and the soil in Australian are especially suitable for the growth of vegetables, any kind of them grows fast and well, especially the Jie Choi – How unrestrained they are growing!

Thinking & Reflection & Learning

The first time, my husband and son chose four healthy hens, and they look strong. The second time, I bought three roosters, four hens, and four ducks. Among them, one rooster is so quiet and soft that it doesn’t look like a really rooster, it hangs his head in the sun with a nap after eating slowly, without any dashing appearance! I should check it carefully when I made a bid; two hens died after two weeks, though I tried to feed them medicine and sprayed powder; a small duckling was lost in the dam, we have no idea what took it away or hurt it; we were only away from the dam for about thirty minutes for lunch. The series of blows really make me sad.

And, the two black hens only lay five eggs in the last two months, I am not clear which lays the eggs. Normally they should lay an egg every day. How strange it is?

The third time, it is today, we bought two beautiful hens and five ducks. The duck are different sizes, two of them are smaller; the other three are bigger. With the three ducks at home, they are a bigger group in the dam now. I walked away several times, watched, I didn’t find anything danger, feel safer, I guess. Son made a duck house within three hours, our ducks also have new home.

On the other side of the garden, my husband was busy building a new chicken yard, buying materials, digging the holes, filling them with cement concrete, building the fence…. Step by step, his work looks very professional. Soon, our hens will have another new home.


When I picked up the first egg in my life, many more questions were buzzing around in my head, I try to look at myself, know myself more, and I am more willing to open my heart, especially for my family. I deeply realize that running a harmonious family is much more difficult than running a garden. In the garden blueprint, with “天时”the right and good timing and “地利”geographical convenience, I can pretty much make a main project done beautifully; but, in constructing a harmonious family, if there is no “人和” the right support of the people, even if it takes three years, thirty years, or even a lifetime, we are likely to encounter failure.




母亲知道我们买的母鸡下蛋了,问:”买了公鸡没有?” 我说:”没有”。“哈哈哈哈……” 母亲爽朗的大笑让我摸不着头脑,“怎么了?笑什么?”“没有公鸡,你孵的鸡蛋全部成乱蛋”。天哪,估计我老公也不知道。我把笑话发到微信上,全家都哈哈大笑。



睡眠休息也重新回归原来的规律 - 早起早睡,曾经让我一度担心的失眠消失了。每天吃完晚饭,老公都在兴致勃勃地看电视,当我一坐到软绵绵的沙发上,我的眼皮就几乎抬不起来,我跟老公说,“我眼睛怎么那么困,吃完饭老想睡觉?以前我不是这样啊。”“你从一大早起床就在花园忙干活,一直做到天黑,你太累了,宝贝。”老公劝我不要太拼命。“我没有感觉累,只是眼困。”我做的很开心啊。


每天早上看到的都是不同的景象,牙苗长得一天一个高度,一天一个颜色,没有施肥时,淡黄淡黄的,施肥后一两天马上颜色逐渐深沉。从围园开始还不到两个月,园子已经绿意盎然;播种还不到三个月,地中海花菜开花,中国芥蓝开花,兰豆挂枝头,油菜摘不及。也许,澳洲的天气和水土特别适合蔬菜生长,每样都长得又快又好,特别看那芥菜 – 长得够奔放!





在花园的另一边,老公一个人在忙着建造新的鸡园子,购买材料,挖坑,填充水泥,搭建栏杆…… 一步一步,做得有模有样, 挺专业的。很快,我们的母鸡也有新家了。


当捡起我一生的第一个鸡蛋,我思想翻腾。我重新认识自己,审视自己, 更愿意放开胸怀去袒露自己的心理,特别对家人。我深深地意识到,经营一个和谐的幸福的家比经营一个花园更艰难。在花园蓝图里,凭借“天时”和“地利”,三个月我可以漂亮地完成一个主要工程;在构建和谐的家庭时,如果没有“人和”,哪怕花上三年,三十年,甚至一辈子,我们都可能遭遇失败。

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#2016-05-26 14:57:41 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Meg, I got a lot of joy out of reading this post, because I watched my wife go through the learning curve of raising chickens a while back too. She went through a lot of trials and tribulations getting it all sorted out, and she went several times back to the chicken breeder she bought the chicks from for more tips.

She usually bought young chicks, sometimes younger than other times, and because of that she initially was getting too many roosters to hens. As they grew older chaos always developed because the roosters were in constant battle over who ruled the roost.

I really laughed when you said you bought 3 roosters and 4 hens in one batch, because eventually my wife came to learn that the ideal mix is 1 rooster for every 10 hens. Anymore roosters than that and the dominant rooster will be constantly pecking the heck out of the other roosters. But even worse, the hens will be suffering a lot more sexual attention than they wish, so sexually active are roosters. With 3 roosters for 4 hens my best guess as to the cause of death of those two new hens was that they died of pure exhaustion. ;)

But the eggs, the eggs are just so good. The yellow of the yolk is so deep compared to the store bought eggs, and unbelievably tasty.

I am so happy for you that you are getting to experience this type of life that so many city dwellers cannot even imagine. And from reading how you put your heart into it, I am sure you equally put your heart into caring for your family. I am also confident that you and yours are not going to encounter failure, not now and not 30 years from now.

#2016-05-26 23:07:26 by anonymous14976 @anonymous14976

Meg, loved this post, brilliantly written. Your ability to engage the reader with your true feelings is a skill.

When I was 9 years old we got 10 chickens and a rooster, I helped my older brother and Dad construct chicken pen, I fed them everyday, made sure coop was clean, fresh water to drink, the rewards? Lots and lots of fresh beautiful eggs! :) I can to this day still hear the sounds of the chickens, working on the coop, picking up the very first egg.

Your gardens are beautiful, lots of veggies growing happily, they are also alot of work everyday;) It seems like you will have so much, will you sell some of it at weekend farmers markets?

Well done!


#2016-05-28 18:10:50 by meg @meg



I can't help laughing again...

Your wife is clever. I hope to buy some very small chicks, too. But it's not easy to find. Hope I can find some next month.

We have different chicken yards, so I thought we need two or three roosters just like different "families".

It's great fun to learn....

You are right, I put my heart into caring for my family, always. kids are growing and learning to be independent, we are trying to help them. The more important for us now is trying to develop our values, with the same values we would enjoy life better and better, I think. That's why I advised to be volunteer parents for international exchange students, I think we will benefit from that.

Thank you, John.

#2016-05-28 18:31:08 by meg @meg


Thank you :)

Yes, there is lots of work in the garden every day and I really enjoy it.

Two weeks ago, a friend asked me to sell some veggies to her restaurant, I will be happy to do that from next week on. So I don't need to sell the veggies in the markets. Before I just thought the veggies should be enough for my family and for my chickens, ducks and geese, I had never thought I could sell veggies and make money, haha... it's really wonderful!

But I still have my job, work two or three days a week, not too much, I am happy to be a taxpayer in Australia, I am proud of it.

#2016-05-30 16:07:59 by Anniehow @Anniehow

Wow beautiful! A lot of people's dream is to have a farm or a big garden. Congrats
For the new change with your beloved family.

#2016-06-01 22:23:25 by meg @meg


Life do need positive changes, building a comfortable and beautiful home is only one of my dreams. My best hope in my life is when I leave the world one day, I can proudly tell my family and the world - I shall not live in vain,though I live an ordinary life, I earn people's respect.

Thank you, Annie. Best wishes to you!

#2016-06-07 22:01:34 by anonymous15019 @anonymous15019

Meg, it baffles me that there are only 6 comments(3 are yours) in total to your blog. I would think more Chinese women would reply as it is also in Chinese language as well alot of us western guys can learn alot from you and your husband in chinese/western relationships.

I am waiting patiently for your next blog entry!


#2016-06-08 20:57:25 by meg @meg


Thank you for your comment.
It doesn't matter if the friends read my blogs without leaving any words.

I just would like to share my experience here. My blogs with quite a lot pictures containing much more information of my life, not only my new family in Australia,but also the family in China.

It's not easy to build a new harmony family, every small confrontation will destroy a relationship, my husband and I are learning. ...

We have kids, and we are volunteer parents now for a French boy student. Maybe, some people will say or ask why we keep a strange boy at home and provide him food and help him everything??? My answer is simple- I just want to test our values.

I love to be volunteers. That would be my next blog topic.

Thank you again. :)

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