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Love to smile, born in a small village, enjoyed the farm life with my family before leaving home for schools and college, have been working in cities so far, being interested in history, music and sports, dreaming to fly all over the world, hoping to share my feelings with you. I believe great friendships or even really happy relationships are based on good communication. What are you chasing after in the world, my dear friends? Anyway, I hope you are not lonely during your search.
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A Chinese Woman's Life in Australia: Driving Test 一个中国女人在澳洲生活的经历:考驾照    

By Meg
5359 Views | 22 Comments | 8/23/2015 3:38:29 AM

On my way to work.

I finally passed the test and got my full licence. “Now you passed the test. You can renew your unrestricted licence for one, three, five or ten years. Which do you want?” the tester asked. “I choose ten years.” Without any hesitation, I answered and smiled to my love. “Ten years! Good.” He smiled and paid.

“She just wants it …??? (sorry I forgot her last words, it’s new and nice words, I think).” she smiled finally.

“Yes. Thank you very much.” I smiled.

 “You should smile and encourage me from the beginning, dear lady. At least, at about forty minutes ago, you should show me some smile or kind faces… ” I thought in my mind.

She didn’t know that my right leg was trembling so badly at the traffic lights at about 40 minutes ago, “GGGGGOD!!! I will fail again.” I was staring at the traffic light, stopped my car stably, and waiting, waiting for the green light “be quick, be quick …”

Anyway, it’s time for relaxing. I gave the car key to my love and we went for lunch, happily.

First Test

 “Unfortunately, you failed.” She said in the first test.

“Could you please tell me the mistakes?” I asked with smile (strange I could still smile).

“Yes.” she explained and asked me if I wanted to book the next test time.

When I got home, kids were watching at me, I tried to analysis the details of mistakes as following:

1.     {C}Traffic light – concentrate

2.     {C}Head check - need to turn over head and check obviously, cannot check too fast

3.     {C}Stop sign – need to slow down and stop smoothly

4.     {C}Move to the far left before turn left

5.     {C}Reverse parallel

I was too nervous to see the red arrow at the traffic lights! Luckily, there was no traffic coming to me.

 “Unbelievable!” I shouted loudly to myself.

Not only for the nervous

I began to learn to drive on the left when I got my Chinese Driving licence translated. It’s the second month since I moved to Australia. Since then I had been thinking when I could get the NSW driving licence, it means too much in my life if I get it. At least, it means I can be a supervising driver for my family.

I read the latest Road Users’ Handbook, read the Road Rules, searched online and communicated with friends about it, and I drove a lot for work, I thought I was ready for it, especially after I passed the Knowledge Test in English easily.

But, I was wrong, completely.

Firstly, I read a lot but I didn’t understand the test details and strict levels.

Secondly, I didn’t know I had to give up my Chinese licence and got a Learner Plate when I failed the driving test. When I got the Learner Plate in hand, I was really getting lost.

And I had two casual jobs at that time – one was teaching English in a training department in a big company, the other was working as a receptionist and cashier in a Chinese restaurant near my home (less five minutes to drive). I drove about 40 minutes for teaching in the morning, and then drove another 40 minutes back for another job in the restaurant in the afternoon. Though my love asked me not to work so much, I wanted to keep the two jobs for some more time, because I could show and help my kids learn how the life is and have a chance to experience the jobs here.

But, I failed in the driving test. It made me feel so difficult. I had to cancel my volunteer English teaching in another town in the month. My love had to adjust his work time for helping me. I had to call taxi and there was no answer from the taxi company sometimes and then I had to call friends for help.

The more “urgent” feeling I had for the licence, the more mistakes I made in the next tests.

Thanks to my love, he is patient. When I need help, he is always there for me. Just as he says, “I was born for ready, for you.” (smiling)

After two months suffered, I got it. And I won the testers’ smile in the last.

At the moment, sitting at home, relaxed, I am beginning to study another subject – Positive Psychology; and to be a house wife and a tutor for my kids.


Tips for Driving Test --- To the readers who are interested in it

1.     {C}Driving tests systems are different in different countries or different states. The best way is to go to the local government transport service office to ask for the latest information or details before you begin to get ready for it.

In Australia, new drivers are required to pass through three licensing stages before obtaining a full licence.

·        Learner licence (minimum 12 months, a person who has Australian full licence must sit next to you, you cannot drive alone.)

·        P1

·        P2

·        Full licence.

New drivers will have at least 36 months of experience and have passed four tests before finally graduated to a full licence.

In NSW, if you have a current overseas licence more than 3 years, you just need to take two tests(Knowledge Test and Driving Test), then you will be eligible for a full licence. If it’s more than one year but less than 3years, you will be eligible for a P2 car licence after tests. If it’s less than one year, you will only be eligible for a P1 licence.

If you have a current overseas licence and a permanent resident visa, you are allowed to drive in NSW on your current overseas licence for a maximum of three months after arriving in Australia.

Two years ago, I was told I could take driving test only after I stayed in Australia for more than 6 months. I travelled back to China from time to time, I didn’t stay in Australia for more than 6 months every time, so I used my Chinese licence till I took the driving test this year.

2.     {C}Learn from ABC. Especially for the people who has driven for many years. Don’t say to yourselves you have known this or that.

3.     {C}Obey any rules strictly. Especially for our Chinese, we have so many bad habits in driving, such as speeding, change lanes suddenly.

4.     {C}Remember - Practise makes perfect. Only family can help you. Or, $60 for one hour, how much can you pay for instructors?

5.     {C}Even you pass your tests, you must obey the traffic rules strictly every day. So far, Australian police are the most competent in my eyes.


“现在你通过考试了,你可以更新你的正式驾照,1年、3年、5年、或者10年,你选哪种?” 考官问。

“我选十年的”, 我毫不犹豫地回答, 冲着我的爱人微笑。

“十年! 好!” 他笑着付钱。

“她只想 ….??? (我忘记她说的最后几个词了,肯定是赞我的)”,她终于微笑了。


 “亲爱的女士,一开始的时候,你就应该给我一点微笑和鼓励. 至少在40分钟前,你应该给我一点微笑或者友善的面孔。”我心想。

她不知道,就在40分钟前,在红绿灯处,我的右腿一直在颤抖,抖得厉害啊!吓得我担心“天哪!!!这次又要扎了!”盯着交通灯, 车停得还算稳,等着绿灯,“快点,快点 ……”



“很不幸,你失败了。” 她说。

“你能告诉我错误在哪吗?” 我问,带着微笑(奇怪,我还能微笑)

“好,……” 她解析完,问我是否预订再考一次。


1.       交通灯- 注意力集中

2.       扫描路况 – 转头要很明显,不能太快

3.       停车标志 - 提前减速,平稳

4.       左转前要尽量左移

5.       平行倒车




我拿到中国驾照的翻译件就马上开始学开车,那是登陆澳洲第二个月。那时,我琢磨着怎样才能拿到新州驾照? 这本本真的意义重大,至少,有了它,我可以指导家人学车(几乎相当于国内的教练)。




第二,我也不清楚我一旦参加考试就得放弃中国驾照。当我第一次车考失败时,手里拿着那张临时驾照,我可怜的心啊 - 真的慌了。

那时,我手头有两份工。一份是在一个大公司的培训部教英文,另一份在中餐馆接电话和收银(餐馆离家很近,开车不到5分钟)。每天早上,我开车大约40分钟去上课, 下午再回到餐馆做另一份活。我爱人叫我不要做那么多,但是,我很想多干一段时间,目的是给孩子做一个榜样,并且让他有机会体验这里的生活和工作。





此时此刻,我坐在家里,休闲放松,准备开始新的学科学习 - 积极心理学; 当一个家庭主妇,做孩子的辅导老师。


考驾照小提示 --- 给感兴趣的读者

1.       不同国家或者不同的州的驾照考试系统不同。在开始学习时,最好的办法是到当地的政府交通部门去咨询,拿到最新的材料和信息。

澳洲的驾照分为四级,初学牌(不能独自开车,必须有一个正式驾照的人陪伴,至少12个月,年满16岁就可以拿)- P1(可以独立开车,但有其它限制) – P2 – 正式驾照。新手从开始到拿到正式驾照至少要3年,要通过四次考试。

在新州, 如果你的海外驾照超过3年,你可以通过两项考试(知识测试+路考)就可以拿到正式驾照;如果少于3年,超过1年的, 可以拿到P2; 如果不到1年的,可以拿到P1.



2.       从零开始学习。特别对那些有了多年驾驶经验的人。千万不要自以为都懂了。

3.       严格遵守交通规则。特别对我们中国人,我们真的有太多的坏习惯,超车,突然换道等等。

4.       记住 – 熟能生巧。只能靠家人帮助, 否则,请教练每个小时60澳元, 你能付多少?

5.       即使你拿到了正式驾照,也得严格遵守交规。目前,据我所知,澳洲的警察是世界上最称职的。

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2015-08-23 10:34:36 by rose377 @rose377

Dear Meg,first congratulations toyou for getting the driving license in Australia 。 you are so great and kind. You are a good model for Chinese ladies. Remembered I got the Chinese driving license in 2014.IT is so hard for me without anyone help. You are lucky to have a good love. But I can understand the difficulty and feeling while you were learning driving in Australia. Your spirit gives us energy and courage. I have a good friend in NSW, too. He is a doctor. The day before yesterday. he just passed the flight test. Maybe next year I will travel to NSW.

#2015-08-23 12:16:56 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

We are so happy to have one of very favourite bloggers back, and what wonderful gift she is giving us here on the CLM/ALM blogs. Everyone, please welcome back Meg.

Meg was always near and dear to my heart because she wrote such wonderful articles about her life in China, painting the most clear picture for us Western men of the life of a good Chinese woman. I know how much our male members appreciated her blogs because they kept telling us they did, over and over.

And I stress the term "good Chinese women" because Meg is one of the kindest, most caring people I have had the pleasure to know. If everyone lived, acted and cared for others the way Meg does, the world would be a far better place than it currently is.

Much to our delight, now that she has settled into her happy marriage with another great CLM member, and is living in Australia, Meg is going to write her blogs in both English and Chinese about her life in Australia. This is going to be so interesting and valuable for all our members, but especially for the Chinese ladies who are no doubt extremely curious and nervous about what life will be like for them in a Western country when they meet and marry a western man.

This first blog in her series is a great example of the kind of information that is so important for members to consider, and understand, as they plan to move to a foreign country.

Welcome back Meg, it is great to see you back blogging her! (clap)(y)

#2015-08-23 14:38:18 by melcyan @melcyan

Congratulations on a great article. Meg, you have been given the highest recommendation as a blogger and as a person of quality from John Abbott. I read one of your blogs two years ago and I did not read further. That was my loss, but I am very happy now that I have so much quality reading ahead of me.

I have had experience with my four children gaining their driver's license through the same system that you experienced and recently a Chinese friend of mine has done the same (he failed four times!). My children all passed without difficulty, but they all had extensive instruction and preparation from a qualified instructor of high standing. They are now very safe and highly competent drivers.

The advice you have given is very good. To any other Chinese lady needing to convert their international driver's license to an Australia driver's license please take careful note of Meg's recommendation to prepare thoroughly. Do not rush any stage of the process.

If your partner can do the required preparation before you do it and even do a driving lesson themselves it will be time and $60 well spent. Most Australian drivers over the age of forty on the road today would also fail the test that you did without extra preparation. This is a serious problem for students who are getting assistance from an “experienced” driver who knows very little about the current test. I would love to see all drivers retested for their driver's license every ten years. It would make our roads so much safer.

Thank you for this article, Meg. It will be a great help to many people.

#2015-08-23 16:08:22 by Barry1 @Barry1


This article is an exemplary example of how useful these blogs can be in a practical way to members who are considering following Meg's footsteps and emigrating to a Western country. Great stuff.

In a recent series of articles about a trip to China, I emulated Meg, by describing in great detail about various unsettling experiences. Such as how to climb the ten thousand steps of Mt Emei in Sichuan with a backpack, sore neck and thin legs that resembled those of a mosquito.

Or how to act in someone's apartment if suddenly the toilet stops working and you urgently need to do a number 2.

Or how to sit for eight hours beside a middle aged jabbering woman on the way to Jiuzhaigou, who delighted in loudly chattering to her friends at the rear of the bus for all this time and maintain one's sanity!

On reflection however, I think Meg's contribution to useful knowledge such as the steps needed in order to obtain a driving licence in a foreign country are far more helpful to the overall populace than what to do if the toilet stops working in a foreign country. Or how to climb a mountain with a heavy backpack and wobbly legs.

I look forward to reading more of Meg's practical advice and pertinent observations when living in a foreign country. It doesn't particularly matter that the country is Australia, because people are people, where ever one lives.

Well done, Meg! (clap)

#2015-08-24 02:11:58 by QinQL @QinQL

Dear Meg, Welcome you back. So happy to see you back blogging here! 让我学学John老师的几句英文欢迎词吧,呵呵。要好好祝贺你终于考到你在新洲的正式驾照!这样你可以想什么时候出门就什么时候出门,自由行了。不过,经你的提醒,上路还得小心驾驶,警察随时出现。
在论坛那边姐妹们就提到过国外考驾照的事儿。现在,经你的博客系统详细的介绍,我们知道得更具体,更清楚了。路考时,你提到第一次失败时有个细节,“ 扫描路况 – 转头要很明显,不能太快”。是啊,我的教练就特别提醒我们不能用自己的目光来观察,必须要夸张放大扫描的动作,好好show给考官看到。有些个别挑剔的考官在启动车前,还要求看到你探出头来扫描。幸亏我这人平时就喜欢和小孩逗着玩,所以,要我做一些夸张的动作挺在行的。还有,你提到的,行车时,会忽略一些明显的标志,这些都是初学,或者是考试紧张时容易犯的错误。我也是啊,总觉得自己手忙脚乱,顾此失彼的。后来我要求多练,练多了,强记多了之后,就好很多了。考试时,我也让考官一惊。起步踩油门,平时踩油门感觉不多,脚下不知轻重,一脚下去,车突然迅速加速!吓得我赶紧收回。还好,这样并不扣分。这以后我知道只需轻踩油门了。所以我最后的路考是100分过的。
特别喜欢读到你考驾照时的感受。也喜欢你的语言风格,那么亲近,考虑周到,温言细语般的。从心底佩服你的能力和你的无私奉献精神!正如John说的, 你的博客很好地帮到我们中国女人了解西方国家。我相信很多姐妹会好好阅读你的博文,遇到问题了, 还会重新翻阅来寻找答案。感觉你不论在哪,都会回到这里,真的把这当成自己的娘家了。我要向你学习。也是的, 也感谢John总是对大家的关照和关心,让大家无论在何处,总也舍不得离开CLM这个大家庭。


#2015-08-24 18:42:02 by Megi1179 @Megi1179


Firstly, thank you again, John.

Having a calm and outgoing personality, combination with a socially active lifestyle have been increasing my happiness in life, especially in public, but I closed my heart for more than 10 years, even to my best friends, they didn't know how my true private/family life was, they only saw I have very good parents, a lovely son, very good sisters and brother. In some sense, it is very important or it is needed to share our happiness, sadness or difficulties with friends or family in life. Every day is a new beginning, we never know what will happen in the next 24 hours.

I decide to come back again to CLM platform to share my feelings with the kind and sincere friends, because CLM is not only a window, but also a garden with protective fence (like I felt before), I would like to go on “cultivating it” with my heart.

Thank you.

#2015-08-24 18:46:05 by Megi1179 @Megi1179

Thank you.
Hope you can travel to NSW soon:)

#2015-08-24 18:58:01 by Megi1179 @Megi1179


Your kids are lucky to have extensive instruction and preparation from a qualified instructor of high standing, now I am a strict instructor for my kid, too.

Local people always like to ask me “how do you think of here?” My answer is always “I like the traffic here, it’s so easy.”

Why it’s so easy? It’s not only for much smaller population, but also for the best police in the world. I think.

Thank you.

#2015-08-24 19:07:30 by Megi1179 @Megi1179

Thank you for your reading and understanding.

I read your series of Chinese trip, I appreciate your courage and honesty.

Best wishes to you and Tina.

#2015-08-24 19:39:48 by Megi1179 @Megi1179



是的,后三张图片是有关我儿子的,16岁(身高175cm,今天在学校量的),他上个月通过了驾驶知识考试拿了L牌, 一次就通过了,比本地人还强(其实不难,只说明他用心)。



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