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Peter lived for nearly a half-decade in China, including two as a Peace Corps volunteer, and is the author of Socrates in Sichuan: Chinese Students Search for Truth, Justice and the (Chinese) Way. It is the intention of his blog to foster the sort of intercultural understanding necessary for long term relationships.
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A Chinese Woman Living in the Four Seasons    

By Peter V
1878 Views | 2 Comments | 12/30/2016 7:29:32 AM

[Note: In case anyone is wondering how things our going for Yong eight months after our marriage, here is an essay she wrote for her ESL class about her life in the west so far....Peter]

In the end of October, a sunny day, I was seated under a red maple tree in my yard. I was listening to the leaves dropping down and was looking at them flying. I felt joful and peaceful. It reminded me of the great four seasons of Kenosha.

I used to live in Shenzhen, which is a city in the south of China. The city has a tropical monsoon climate: no snow, no leaves for color change. It only has hot summers and cool winters.

I moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin in Amerca this February. I thought February was the end of winter. But after I came here for a few days, a big snow storm came. Next day after storming, I got up early and walked across Cartahge College campus to Michigan Lake. I saw the red sun was rising from the lake survace and the sunshine was crossing the woods adn the snow surface was shining. I was very excited and took a lot of pictures and sent them to my family and friends in China to share my feeling with them.

Between the snowing and the sunshing, spring was coming slowly. SIlver maple, red maple, Norway maole and flatlands maple blloomed. This is the first time I knew the maple leaves also have their beautiful flowers.

After Mother's Day, snow went back to its north home. In June summer came to Kenosha. People went out from home to the parks, beachs, and lakes. A lot of festivals, concerts, and fun was waiting for us.

My husband and I went to some festivals and concerts. We also went fishing. Somteime we just stayed in the yard to read, relax and enjoy the sunshine and light wind. We had an amazing summer.

In October, the trees began to change colars. Different trees changed to different colors at different times. Maple, oak, birch, elm, willow...yellow, orange, read brown. I walked in the woods and my joy flew across the trees and arose into the pure blue sky.

Time can to the middle of November, the treass are almost naked. I am waiting for the snow.

I had a wonderful four seasons year in Kenosha. I will remember this year forever in my life.

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#2016-12-30 10:11:06 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

It is so amazing to me, always, to get to see part of our country, or a country we are familiar with, such as the USA for me, through the eyes of a newcomer from another culture. It is especailly fascinating for me when that person is Chinese for obvious reasons.

Yong's essay reveals a person, to me, who sees and appreciates nature. There are so many things a Chinese woman might to choose to write about. One might focus on what is the shopping like, one might notice the shortage of people compared to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, etc. Yet another might focus on the types of vehicles people are driving, and another on the casual manner in which people dress.

My own wife would likely focus first on the food people eat. When she goes anywhere new the first thing she chooses to explore is the local culinary delights, or lack thereof. For such a slender little thing it is sometimes startling how deeply she can get into the flavours, the appearance and also the nutrition that is packed into every new dish she discovers. She can taste a brand new dish in a restaurant, query the owner or chef who cooked it, and go home and duplicate it almost exactly, first try. Whether it is Turkish, Indian, American, Mexican or I suspect even Martian, she will recreate it.

When you are someone like me, who can barely recreate a bowl of ceral and milk the same as the one I had yesterday out of the same box, it seems almost miraculous. And she is not shallow. She is also very in tune with nature, loves to garden, notices the cars people are driving, and definitely is a good shopper when it comes to stylish clothing, but she will always tune into the food first.

Yong chose to notice the seasons, and the feelings that accompany each season. That says a lot about her, and it says a lot about why you fell in love with her and chose her as your lifemate Peter. It harkens back to your blog "" in which Yong probably first demonstrated to you her being so in touch with nature, and how that was so important to you.

Sometimes we make wise choices and sometimes we get lucky, but in this case I think you have managed to do both. Yong seems to be a very beautiful soul, as I see her through the picture she has painted for us here. It is hard to imagine the two of you failing. 

#2017-01-15 16:42:42 by sandy339 @sandy339

Yes it is beautuful:-)

I can sense the bueaty and peace  inside of Yong.

If I recall and write a blog for my stay in US, most of them might focus on the relationships with the local and simple people, And there is not much the difference between China and US( don't like what I expected before) finally I find the common human nature is quite similar everwhere,thanks for sharing it.

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