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A Chinese Dating Scammer Sets Off A Bizarre Battle    

By John Abbot
6972 Views | 16 Comments | 10/10/2012 1:58:49 PM

A few days ago we placed a member, Gustamel, in Scammer Prison after receiving a couple of reports from women indicating he had asked for money and enclosing copies of the chat in which he did this. In our investigation of his onsite behavior we were left with no doubts that Gustamel was indeed a Scammer and the reports were true. Into the Scammer Slammer he went.

Unfortunately by the time we received the reports Gustamel had already removed his posted photos from his profile. This usually happens if a member who reports him has first warned him of her intention to report him. Other than that it started out as a pretty typical Scammer Conviction.

Member comments started to pour in, almost unanimously indicating that he had also tried to scam them, and confirming that he was beyond any doubt a Scammer. You can view the many comments here if you choose.

But then a rather bizarre twist occurred in which one member began to venomously defend Gustamel and to rather viciously attack the other commenters, and CLM for having placed Gustamel in Scammer Prison unjustly. Beyond these comments she began to also send us letters that were nearly hysterical in their tone and content.

Meanwhile, as we were receiving this series of damning letters demanding justice and demanding that we reveal how we know Gustamel is a Scammer, a war began to rage in Gustamel’s Prison Cell as the commenters began to fire back at Gustamel’s lone defender, and she returned fire frantically.

Again, you can view the comments in his cell, but the letters we received, all in one day on October 8th (American time), went like this:

Member Letters

1. As a chief of website, how can you listen to some members blind plait lies, malicious slander, because no success, and to cheat money a cover to destroy gustamel honor? Hope you to investigate and know the truth, but also back to gustamel good reputation. Since you have no ability, also don't have the energy to find out things context, there is no qualification will so-and-so into prison, this is very irresponsible behavior, because this invasion to so-and-so reputation, you'll take the negative legal responsibility!!!!!!!!!! You must have a parlance, or a public apology, or to court!!!!!!!!!!! My suggestion is that anyone can to comment according to their own experience , but as a web site, not qualified concludes that he or she is cheater, unless you have conclusive evidence to public display.

2. We can court his lawyers to contact us, so that we know his true face, we can also facilitate contact and the international police network. But you have no right on behalf of his talk.

3. I want to see the facts, you published evidence, so I opened an eye-opener! ! ! I can also understand his true face, the woman not have an account, publishedah! ! I do not want to speak on behalf of anyone, I just want to see the truth, ye disclosure of evidence to judge a person, rather than fabricated, listening to one side of the story, since there is evidence, please announce, subject to trial, I shall fight in the end! ! ! !

Asked 24hr Reply

(So you’ll know, parts of the above letters were written in English and parts in Chinese)

CLM Response

On our behalf our Chinese manager responded that we would not be responding to her letters, but that we’d be happy to respond to Gustamel’s Lawyer.

CLM Position

Now at this point we believed we had a hysterical victim of a cowardly and vicious Scammer on our hands, and we frankly felt some pity for her. However, even if we were wrong to have placed Gustamel in Scammer Prison, she had no right to complain and had no legal standing to threaten a law suit. We were not going to respond to her threats.

In addition, we never reveal the reasons why we know someone is a Scammer and we never will. Why should we alert Scammers as to their mistakes so they can avoid making those mistakes again? So we were not prepared to respond to those demands either.

Finally, while she was hysterically defending Gustamel’s honor he himself was nowhere to be seen. If he was innocent why wasn’t he jumping up and down defending himself?

We had no doubts at this time that we were right about Gustamel, and we have no doubts now that we are right. He is a Scammer.

Gustamel’s “Lawyer” Is Heard From

It was about this same time that we suddenly received a letter from someone who purported to be Gustamel’s lawyer. The letter read as follows:

“To Whom it may Concern, This is Barr Ben Jones, writing on behalf of Gustamel, i am his Attorney, just to inform you to be ready for legal action that will be taken on you for blackmailing an innocent man without taking investigation, he contacted me this morning when he saw that, if you dont want your client to be in your website any longer, then is better you tell them and deactivate their membership than without a notice you blackmail their names, get ready for a lawsuit against CLM, you can not believe anyone that laid a claim of something which you know nothing about, maybe she/he complaint against someone because he/she refused to be their lover or sorts of, so be careful before you post someone as a scammer, If you have a proof that he is a scammer, let me have the proof, he is my client. Regards, Barr Ben Jones”

Once you have read this letter you will no doubt share in our firm belief that it was not written by a lawyer. Here’s why we believe it is a badly done sham:

1. It came to us through our “Contact Us” page instead of writing to us directly. No self-respecting lawyer would do that.

2. “Barr Ben Jones” (“Barr” is apparently short for “Barrister”) writes in bad English and we doubt very much that any self-respecting lawyer would fire off a “Demand Letter” in improper English, even if English is not his native tongue.

3. Barr Ben Jones completely misunderstands the legal meaning of the word “blackmail” and twice accuses us of that, whereas if we have done anything legally culpable (which we have not) it would be slander, defamation or libel, but no lawyer could mistake it for blackmail.

4. But the real cruncher is that he provides as his return email address an address that shows up on CLM records as registered by an individual who we rejected because he was (no, not a lawyer) a Scammer. In other words whoever wrote this letter is clearly too dumb to be a lawyer and even too dumb to be a competent scammer.

We have not replied to the letter but once this blog is published we will respond by simply sending the writer a link to this blog and asking him to read it.


So, while the battle of nasty comments rages on between members of CLM and Gustamel’s tireless defender, the battle between CLM and Gustamel’s supposed lawyer has fizzled out before it got started.

We are continuing to accept the woman who so tirelessly defends Gustamel as a genuine victim of his cowardly criminal activity, but of course, we could be wrong and she could be his cohort or a paid employee of sorts. Possibly we’ll never know.

Hopefully, if she is a victim, she’ll soon come to her senses and not contribute any further time, energy or emotion, and especially no money, to such a pathetic waste of humanity as Gustamel.

We’ll update you if anything interesting develops from here.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2012-10-10 23:35:32 by anonymous4478 @anonymous4478


#2012-10-11 15:36:05 by anonymous4479 @anonymous4479

真是谢谢CLM,谢谢John! 曾经何时,我一度纳闷是不是CLM只管收钱,所以就有些纵容那些人,现在看来我错怪了,非常好!让大家看到你们所作所为,你们的打击力度。让世界和平,不要战争;让都市有公安局,不要黑社会;让这里充满正面能量,不要被败类主宰。

#2012-10-11 17:52:33 by Grace172 @Grace172

Obviously, she has meldown. Poor woman....
It was fun that he "hired" a fake "attorney". haha.... A cheater, a fake lawyer and a loyalty hystercal woman made this funny farce.
I believe that you have evidence to prove him is a liar. We trust you, and I hope she can wake up soon.

#2012-10-11 19:48:20 by sunrise68 @sunrise68

Haha, John, I hope you don't mind. When I just opened this blog, maybe for I have bad eyesight because of older age, I thought the man in the picture here was yours. After I entered the webpage linked and saw the same picture in the cell, I realized I made such a mistake.

#2012-10-12 00:17:25 by featherinwind @featherinwind

I wonder whether this is Stockholm Syndrome

If one woman says he is a scammer, maybe he is wronged. But if so many women say the same thing, there must be something wrong about this guy. His honor? A man who really honors his own name would not have done what he did. Give me a break.

#2012-10-12 01:04:26 by yolandan @yolandan


Why blame other people fooling u, blame urself foolish.

#2012-10-12 11:09:00 by LoveHonestCaring @LoveHonestCaring

I have also been 'scammed' by a lady (or someone posing as a lady) on this site but I just cannot fathom who it is. I have innocently (and in hindsight naively) shared my pictures during introductory chats online and by email and this seems to have come back to bite me. Why, because the other day I was asked by one lady if my name is 'Steve'. I said no and she asked me if I was on another Chinese friends site ( but I am not. She then showed me the pictures and profile information for 'Steve'. The pictures are definitely mine but everything else is totally false. To add insult to injury he says he is 58 years old but the pictures were 7 years old pictures and personally I don't think I look a day over 40 in those pictures. The lady says that 'Steve' is asking her for money and other 'favours'.

So the other side of the scamming argument is this:

1) There are obviously some people (men pretending to be ladies or ladies working with scammers) to gather this kind of identity information so they can masquerade as someone else.

2) There is also a possibility that a 'scammer' can be jailed (on CLM for example) but the picture is a false picture and the real person has no knowledge that someone is masquerading their real identity by using someone else's pictures and information.

Anyway, that's my contribution to this thread.

PS. If anyone knows how I can report this guy on it would be appreciated cause the site is all in Chinese.

#2012-10-14 12:29:17 by anonymous4488 @anonymous4488

我看半天也是云里雾里,因为自己从未遇到这样的事,也许这个Gustamel和律师,和那个啥子K ..518都是一个人?

#2012-10-14 21:04:56 by harri520 @harri520

If you were scammed, do not ever tell a scammer that your intentions are to report him/her to the site staff. Give time for the site staff to save all information, photos are not the only thing that they can remove, they can remove AD text and all profile information which are not mandatory. After you have report user, their profile is deleted and they are placed to the scammer prison, again, do not ever tell a scammer about that. Because if it was a "professional" scammer, they are coming back and you was just warning them that what information they can't use again on this site.

Consider to report a scammers also to the anti-scam sites. Then all their information is public and can be found with the any searching engine. "Professional" scammer can have profile on the 100+ sites. Anti-scam sites never publish any of your personal details. You can find these sites with the google.

#2012-10-14 23:52:11 by cultivatelove @cultivatelove

interesting comments. the expereince on these techno convenient dating site has definitely been an eye open for me. one can be sure no matter what culture there are dishonest motives in using any - if not most of our new age courting. one would wonder with so many lonely / relationship desires to meet someone globally that integrity and honest would make chances to meet someone more promising. my experience has been that with political oppression in some of the countries abroad creates desparation and these techno dating conveniences is the door by any means necessary to escape. again not sterotyping all. in my good ole days we would cherish a good loving and grounded partner and would take time to court one another. i think those days are gone. relationships has become "ok if not let me check my emails / date site".
i was given the honour to attend a black american dating talk function on relationships and waht an eye opener to listen to some of the responses from the audience about their expectations of meeting someone. so many artificial stepping stones. in my sharing i suggested that during the atlantic slave trade as sad as the conditions were put before us that one did not need approval because of material wealth or some title with letters behind their name. one was happy to want the in individual - even if they were barefooted and not havin an appearance of hollywood. i say this in sharing from one of my meeting an lady from china whom ask me would i get her a ring of platinum.
i joined the site in hopes hope giving trust a chance and can appreciate the diverse culture that creations has given us - as the many essences of the flower garden. also hoping that true love win over on how one meets - even if technology has its convenience. peace and harmony!!!

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