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A Boy and his hotels    

By Ken Silver About Asia
2720 Views | 1 Comments | 5/27/2010 3:17:04 PM

A million years from now, when I’m a year, or possibly two, older, I‘m going to check in one afternoon to a nice hotel in S. E. Asia and never check out. I’ll have fresh towels, Air Conditioning, satellite TV. Room service. Quite possibly a free breakfast buffet each morning or at least a “Jaffle” with strong coffee. The essential things in life! Hotels are swell!

I say it one more time...

Hotels are swell! I’m in one right now, writing this blog on a desk which a nice maid will clean for me. And when, through this online international dating service, you’ve found the honest Asian woman of your dreams, you’ll probably need a room also. Oh, you might well be invited to stay with the family; but probably your own hotel room is the wisest choice for all involved. And of course, before after, or during, you’ll be traveling other places also.

Cue the hotel! Or, cue the guest house. They serve the same function, with “guest house” tending to mean a slightly more informal place of business, perhaps consisting of separate bungalows, tied together by a palm tree fringed restaurant. The desk clerks are usually relaxed and informal, as is everything else, as opposed to the more formal regime of a hotel. Same same, but different, as we say over here.

Guest houses can tend to be more creative, more funky, becoming destinations in themselves for travelers. Toys, night shows, sea side fun. Think soulful globetrotters playing guitars in what passes for tropical twilight. Breakfast time, you’ll see your fellow guests stumbling in; white haired gentleman who just can’t give up the rush of travel; old hippies whose eyes have seen the rise and fall of just about everything; blond coeds from Man Street (uh. Main Street) USA.

Informal perks are frequent in the more happening guest houses. In Bali, almost always there is a free breakfast as part of the room price. Enter the Jaffle! It's a toasted sandwich of either banana or pineapple. Plus, a large ceramic pot of what we used to call, in the back of beyond canyons of Utah, “Cowboy Coffee”. Coffee made with the grounds still in the pot. Nice and black and strong.

In hotels, you’ll see more native businessmen, families visiting, more tourists with credit card money. Hotels will usually provide daily maid service, whereas guest houses will provide services as you clamor for them. I’m in a formal hotel, writing this now; $20 USD but worth it. This writing desk... Knock, knock,... I tap on it now, and you hear it!... not only will it be cleaned after I leave, but the maid will each day tidy up my personal objects on it - the souvenir statue of Buddha, the books, the leather pouches, the tourist brochures. The cheap and good bottle of Thai whiskey. The room bathroom is washed; the maid has put out new towels, new soap, new shampoo.

Some people like responsibility. George Washington liked responsibility.

I prefer maid service.

In South East Asia, at hotels, you get treated like royalty for cheap.

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#2010-05-28 02:44:47 by thedragonb1 @thedragonb1

Aaaah. got to love a plush hotel! But where in SE Asia, you say? I'd like to try some of that life! :)

Tell them to clean and tidy up the room next door! I'm coming your way very soon! Hmm, on 2nd thought, make that 2 doors over. I don't want to disturb you late in the night! ;)


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