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12 Jewellery Items For Chinese Women    

By Guest
360 Views | 7 Comments | 6/16/2021 12:58:50 AM

Gold and Silver Jewelry is very popular with Chinese women.

All women are fond of jewelry, be it gold jewelry or silver jewelry. Chinese women also share the same love. Chinese tradition has a strong history of vintage and classy jewelry that wasn't only used for decoration purposes but also to signify the social status of different people. Over the years, the ideas have evolved, and the preferences have changed, opening a variety of options for Chinese women from all walks of life.

If you want to win a Chinese woman or plan to gift her something, there are 12 different and exciting jewelry items that we think can make memorable gifts. In the following article, we shall look at the jewelry pieces based on the different personalities of women.

1. Minimalistic Rings 

Women have a very soft corner for rings. They are a key to their hearts that instantly gets opened when they have gifted a ring. However, rings are of several different types. For a woman who isn't fond of fancy jewelry, minimalistic rings are the best option. Rings are that are plain or with a small stone over them will do well.

2. Traditional Rings 

Traditional jewelry has its own classic and beautiful appeal. With the vintage look it carries, it instantly feels good, and with the uniqueness it exhibits, it immediately catches the eyes. Women who are fond of an old culture are fond of traditional jewelry pieces. For a woman with such a taste, traditional rings can be a great gift. Rings carved with old sayings, old pictures, heritage are super unique.

3. Chokers 

Although there came a time when chokers were everywhere to be seen, they weren't just a trend and were here to live for long. They can make fantastic jewelry pieces for women who are strong-headed and confident in the attire they carry.

4. Chinese Armlets 

People wear Chinese Armlets with well-rounded beads for a long time, and they symbolize their belief in Buddhism. For a religious woman or someone who isn't shy to express her beliefs, they can make a simple yet highly thoughtful and beautiful gift.

5. Plain Necklaces 

As mentioned earlier, many people like to keep it simple, plain, and minimalistic with the jewelry they adorn. For them, a plain necklace would make a beautiful gift. These necklaces can have a small pendant, a stone that is lucky to them, a memorable date, and a pendant having their picture inside, and if nothing, it could simply just be a plain simple chain.

6. Heavy Necklaces 

Chinese culture and tradition are popularly seen in heavy necklaces worn by Chinese women. These necklaces are beautiful, exquisite, and are incredibly reflecting grandeur. Women who are fond of symbolizing their status or fancy the idea of wearing heavy jewelry, these necklaces heavily filled with stones and gems are a great choice of jewelry.

7. Statement Earrings 

With the expansion in people's creativity, there are so many ways of bringing a statement to something as small as an earring. You can get a picture, some symbol, or anything you can think of carved as an earring. For women who love to make unique statements to keep people reminded of culture and tradition, these statement earrings can be an excellent method of doing so.

8. Pendant Earplugs 

Several centuries before, people used two pendants and hung them around their crowns. Gradually the fashion flowed to women who started hanging around their hairpins. They have a historical representation attached to them. People have interpreted them in their ways. They are regarded as symbols of self-discipline, humbleness, and a lot more. Someone you think stands to these virtues can be given these earplugs.

9. Handmade Jewellery 

In China, handmade jewelry is pretty standard and widely regarded. Many women are fond of handicrafts as by buying them, they not only support the locals; they are also able to get fantastic stuff that is made out of someone's hands. Therefore, if you are a woman who is inclined towards handmade jewelry, go for it, embrace your culture.

10. Statement Bracelets 

Over the years, we have seen so many designs and types of pretty bracelets. One such statement is statement bracelets that allow you to experiment with your creativity and bring any saying, picture, or symbol on your wrists.

11. Headbands 

Fancy or simple, headbands are also a classy way of styling your outfits and looks. You can get headbands with stones and gems or headbands that are made out of plain fabrics. Either way, they make a great jewelry item.

12. Jewellery with Specific Stones 

If you have a lucky gemstone such as ruby, turquoise, garnet, etc., and you love to carry those stones around, you can do that by carving them in your necklaces, rings, or earrings. They are not only appealing to the eyes and always in fashion but will also bring you luck wherever you will go.

In conclusion, countless jewelry items can please a Chinese woman. All you need to do is figure out your type.

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#2021-06-16 00:57:05 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

This article is significant for members of CLM who are seeking a way to impress the Chinese woman they have met here on our site. Guys, take heed, gift giving is a big deal in China and especially with Chinese women seeking positive attention from their newfound boyfriend. 

A new piece of jewelry that they can wear when out with friends will always attract comments, which gives them the opportunity to point out how much their new boyfriend (you) cares for them to have given them such a fine gift. These kind of bragging rights that you have gifted them can go a long way to cementing a long term relationship.

I'm just saying...

#2021-06-16 09:09:45 by melcyan @melcyan

John, your comment is spot on. However, I would caution that expensive gift-giving should only take place after a strong connection is established. The biggest fear of a Western man is attracting a gold digger. The biggest fear for an Asian woman is attracting someone with an Asian fetish and knowing that they can be replaced in an instant by another better-looking Asian woman.

#2021-06-18 01:03:59 by newbeginning @newbeginning

all women love receiving jewellery as a gift. Guys; just realize in Chinese culture giving women gifts or "spending money" on them is expected from you. It is a way of showing/proving your love to them. If they ask you to buy them something it is a test to see if you are cheap, more often than not if you say ok lets buy it she will then say she doesn't need it and doesn't want you to spend money on something not needed. For some reason they really like receiving watches from their man.

Just realize that giving gifts is expected and they are not neccessarily gold diggers. Also if your spidey senses are tweeked then you need to listen to your spidey senses. There are many women in this world who use men for status, gifts, money, power etc etc just as there are many women in this world wanting to find love and happiness for real.


One side note: when you go for dinner with your woman and her family for the first time(in China) you had better be prepared to pay for the whole dinner including drinks. If you dont offer strongly to pay for the meal and insist you pay for it you most definitely will cause your woman to lose face as well as losing face yourself.



#2021-06-23 11:46:13 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@melcyan - your comment is likewise spot on. Men should not feel obliged to give a gift to a Chinese woman they have not even started dating, for example. But they will start feeling some pressure in that direction from many (not all but many) Chinese women not long after the first date and for sure immediately after the first sexual experience. At least that's been my experience and I did a fair amount of dating in China when I was between my 2 long term relationships with Chinese women.

I might add that I had lots of Expat friends while living in China, being as I owned a bar at the time. All of them had similar experiences to mine.

Now that may not apply so much to people who begin their dating experience online and only then get together after much online communication and relationship building. I'd be interested in comments from other CLM members on their experiences.

@newbeginning _ all of your points are well taken. Your experiences mirror my own.

#2021-06-23 13:45:22 by oldghost @oldghost

That is somewhat at odds with my experience.  Even when I sneaked away from the table to seize the bill, I found the staff had always been instructed to refuse.  In seven visits to China I cannot recall even once being permitted to foot the bill.  That may be in part because I am not willing to engage in the endless argument My bill. no mine, my bill, no mine ... I have found that the initial gift on arrival is accepted, but thereafter I have difficulty.  Shopping together and buying a nice garment has worked on occasion.  Buying Jade is fraught, because we as laowai are sure to choose an inferior item!  On the other hand, I was not exactly dating in China, but either married, visiting in-laws, or visiting students.

#2021-06-28 22:38:38 by newbeginning @newbeginning

Oldghost, your reply was interesting and you made one statement that stood out. 

"Buying Jade is fraught, because we as laowai are sure to choose an inferior item!"

Most chinese people believe westerners(lowais) are inferior to them, the women in general find us more masculine and are very much drawn to our "long noses".

In actuality I believe all women think men are inferior to them lol farthest thing from the truth.

I do like the smiles and looks of happiness I recieve when I do give a gift to a significant other. There is a unfiltered edmotion/reaction you get from Chinese women that you do not get from western women.

In seven trips to China you were either married or visiting many times have you been married in China?






#2021-06-30 10:44:03 by oldghost @oldghost

@nb Married in China - just once, and it was last century, just a first months after Hong Kong reverted to China.

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