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Weiming, aged 42 and single, has lived her life as a woman of small physical stature, working in a small company, but possesses an inner bigness. A woman of seeming contradictions, she can be a little naive yet also learned, sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Always a believer in love, friendship and loyalty, yet her belief in undying devotion has been fading as of late. She has been pursuing happiness, but happiness is proving to be imperfect. She lives a busy city life, yet yearns for a life of countryside leisure. She yearns for a happy family, yet lives in solitude. Her life, like herself, is contradictory yet harmonious, complex yet simple.
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美景,往往在路上 The Beautiful Scenery on the Road    

By Weiming
3812 Views | 6 Comments | 8/5/2014 1:10:14 PM

"I look how enchanting castle peak, castle peak see me, also should be so," here is a sentence of Xin Qiji's ci poem "He Xin Lang", he was the famous poet of Song Dynasty, his style of ci poetry was both bold and graceful. Chinese residential environment has always been very particular about geomancy, most of the old houses are fronting water and with hills on the back, is to rely on the mountains, the river is the source of life, the front of the house is best both sunny and open, in fact, stress is “Nature and Humanity”, and natural blend. People living in it, mind and body are both at ease, spiritual pleasure. The clay tile roofs is now rare, most have been replaced by reinforced concrete houses.

In the open space around the house, villagers plant a few clump flowers everywhere, a common mint, basil, peony, Chinese wolfberry, cough and cold, you can pick some mint or wolfberry leaves, tear into pieces, boil congee, a bowl of piping hot to drink, perhaps can be good without look at the doctor, a few fruit trees planted outside the walls, there are grapefruit, pear, jujube, star fruit etc. Flowering can watch the results can harvest, And also the children's hope and joy. Usually vegetable garden behind the house, fruits and vegetables to meet the daily needs of the family, there will be a large bamboo forest on the back mountain, occasionally picking bamboo shoots, together with meat on a big pot of stew, is a good meal. Whenever after solar rain, under the trees, often grow many wild mushrooms, no poisonous wild mushrooms, do dish, it really is the world delicious, and the wild grapes are small and sour, picking up homemade wine, can prevent cardiovascular disease, may also cosmetic anti-aging. In Guangxi, many people like to soak one to two cans of wine, sour plum wine, lemon juice or star fruit juice, can relieve summer-heat, Cool to reduce pathogenic fire, when sore throat, drink a bowl of star fruit juice, maybe just fine.

In Guangxi, everywhere is a big mountain. In the year I graduated from high school, I with two friends riding bikes to neighboring county traveled for three days, There was no any communication tools, we were taking was not a highway, but a dirt road winding around the mountain and on, without any road signs. We at each intersection, first to guess the direction of road, then continue to ask the way, almost every time we guess very accurately, so that later a little carried away, the last day of the return trip, we chose another one direction, we were young and aggressive, no longer to ask the way, agreed that walking along the road slightly larger, to be sure. Finally, we went into the depths of the mountain, has been impossible to turn back, the villagers pointing we can climb the mountain to cut corners, Maybe can catch went outside mountains before dark. This was no longer dirt road, but the rugged trail, and there was no village, every time after the turn is still standing in front of a vast, running all the way until nightfall, and finally saw Myriad lights of the distant foothills, we excitedly cheered, laughing with head holding high. It can be said: Ignorance is fearless, we three girls, actually completed a magical journey, that exhausted reach the top, then swooped down to the foot, the pleasure, not everyone has the opportunity to try. In fact, it is false to say no fear, I can’t imagine if one of us in danger. How can we do? But sometimes, there is no escape route is the best power forward, and, in fact, the most beautiful scenery on the road. No errors in life, that is how boring. Of course, in safe to travel, more than half 2014, Plane crash, Natural and man-made calamities, life is very fragile in the face of disaster, Cherish it take care of it.

Listening to a song, relax body and mind, recommend Xu wei's "The Blue Lotus":


  Nothing could ever stand 


  between you and the free land. 


  In a life of laissez-aller 


  all worries were blown away. 


  You toiled through the years of dismay, 


  from time to time lost on the way, 


  until you glanced down at your feet, 


  where your dreams and the road met. 


  In the ever free wonderland, 


  clear and sublime, 


  blooms the blue lotus, always on its prime. 



在广西,随处可见这样的大山。在我中学毕业的那一年,曾跟两个好朋友骑自行车到邻县游历了三天,那时候没有任何通讯工具,我们所走的也不是公路,而是盘山而上的土路, 没有任何的路标。我们每到一处分叉路口,都会兴之所致先猜测方向,然后再不断问路,几乎每一次我们的猜测都很准确,以致后来有点得意忘形了,最后一天回程的时候,我们选择了另一个方向,年轻气盛的我们不再问路,一致认为沿着稍大的道路走,准没错。最后我们走进了大山的最深处,想回头已经不可能,村民指点我们可以翻越大山抄近路,也许可以赶在天黑前走到大山外面。这次不再是环山土路,而是崎岖的羊肠小道,而且不再有村落,每一次转弯过后耸立眼前的依然是一片苍茫,一路狂奔,在夜幕降临之前,终于看到了远处山脚下的万家灯火时,我们激动地欢呼雀跃、仰天长笑。真可谓是无知者无畏,我们三个女生,居然完成了一次不可思议的行程,那种精疲力竭到达山顶,然后呼啸而下的快感,不是每一个人都有机会尝试的。其实,说不害怕那是假的,我不敢想,如果我们其中一个遇到危险,那该怎么办?只是有时候,没有退路就是前进最好的动力,而且,最美的风景往往就在路上。没有错误的人生,那该多么乏味啊。当然,出行还是以安全为要,2014年过半,飞机失事,天灾人祸,生命在危难面前其实很脆弱,珍之重之。


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#2014-08-05 14:09:08 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Weiming, I really enjoyed the last long paragraph of your article, describing your biking adventure with a couple of friends as a youth. It reminds me so much of my own experiences growing up, and it reinforces my strong belief that we all must never forget that below the thin surface of cultural and language differences that sets us apart, there is a deep, deep shared human past that binds us very closely together.

Children are children, regardless of where they are on this planet. Thanks for the reminder.

#2014-08-05 18:20:53 by panda2009 @panda2009


#2014-08-05 18:55:33 by meilin66 @meilin66




#2014-08-05 21:14:59 by Barry1 @Barry1

I really do like the lovely photos in this article.

As I learnt on my last trip, there are so many wonderful natural places to see in China, despite its huge population and ever burgeoning pollution problem. I think Westerners should all venture away from the big cities there to visit the more remote regions, the roads less traveled, if at all possible.

I'm sure they'd be both delighted and amazed at what they see.

Thanks must go to Weiming for this interesting article. (y)

#2014-08-20 12:21:06 by loveF @loveF


Weiming, 我们在那边起高楼玩,有个姐妹ren74说很想你也参加,她认为你是很有见地的,当然我也是这么看的,就怕你太忙或者怎么地不想参加我们,如果有空的话,来看看吧,跟大家一起神游。

#2014-08-21 12:50:06 by weiming @weiming


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