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NaNa was born and raised in a small and remote village of China, and had a childhood filled with wild freedom living in nature. After finishing her education at a local provincial medical college, NaNa has been living and working in small city in South China. She is a woman with a rich heart and a passion for life. NaNa's first series of articles will tell you about her experiences first working together with a few Western men.
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秘客人 Secret Guests (第二篇part --2) The Phone Call    

By NaNa
4149 Views | 12 Comments | 4/26/2015 1:31:00 PM





My guests will be coming soon. Which dress should l wear l though?  l opened my armoire and took a look. There were diversity of style dress there but l really did not know which dress should l wear at that moment. l guessed a lot of women and l have the same feeling that like to buy diversity of style dresses and like fashion. But still does not have a suitable dress to see the guests or the party.

l thought because of my work to meet guests so should l wear work clothes? But the first major job l did for guests today was took them around the hotel l book for them and invited them to have dinner in restaurant because it was time for dinner when they arrive my city, so l felt maybe too serious if l wear work clothes.

There was so hot weather so should l wear skirt? My favourite skirt was cheongsam but it was old cheongsam l bought a few years ago, and although it was old cheongsam but also very fit well and looked good because my body was in good condition. Also l thought that l was Chinese so l should wear cheongsam. l thought deeply about this; cheongsam was a feminine dress with distinctive Chinese features and it would show that the cheongsam remains a vibrant part of Chinese culture and also enjoys a growing popularity in the international world of high fashion...

Ring ring ...the telephone rang and interrupted my train of thought and alerted me to answer my call. l guessed maybe my guest call me because it was a new number l never saw before. l answered "Hello" and he replied "Hello. Is that you sister Na?” l was surprised and guessed again; he must not be my guest because he called me "sister Na" and maybe he was a person who l know but l did not remember him at that moment.

l laughed at myself at that moment and thought maybe l waiting for the guests with such intense feeling and that was why l was misunderstanding. l replied "Yes. l am sister Na. And you?”  He said "l am Michael from America. l am coming to your city with my friends and campaign about encouraging kindness to orphans".  l was surprised more and laughed at myself again. “My God”, I thought now, “he really is my guest. But he called me ‘sister Na’ and that was why l guessed he was a Chinese who l know”.

l know more about China etiquette. Usually we call a person who is older than us is sister (or brother). It is not polite to call them by their name if someone is older than you in China. l also know a little about etiquette in other country that to call some one's name is okay even if they’re older than you. l was surprised that my guest called me "sister Na" because he is not Chinese but he knew about China etiquette. l felt he was so polite and made me respect him more at that moment even though we never met and I never knew anything about him before.

l replied to him "Ok. l already knew you and your friend would be coming soon so l already booked a hotel for you. l have arranged for a driver and car to take you and your friends to my city. l will waiting for you in a guest room of the hotel.”

l told Michael the address of hotel l book for them and he told me the time they would arrive my city. The voice was that of young man's voice on the phone and it was deep and unobtrusive. He spoke fluent South Mandarin. l felt so happy and relaxed after I finished talking with him on the phone because the Mandarin he spoke so good and l would not have to worry about hard communication with him when l started to work together with him soon.

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#2015-04-26 13:52:55 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

NaNa, the really great look inside your mind as your upcoming meeting with Westerners for the first time approaches is more than enough reason for every male member of CLM to be seriously reading this blog series. After all, what better way to learn to understand how Chinese women think about meeting us could there possibly be than through the eyes of a Chinese woman, and an obviously intelligent one at that.

But you seem to be adding a real bonus in the way you are creating some real tension as the story unfolds. I'm not sure yet what to expect, but I can't help but anticipate that something major in the way of emotional tension is coming our way.

I have a pretty active imagination so maybe I am way off base with this, but the first post had me thinking (maybe worrying is a better description) that these Westerners were maybe going to embarrass the rest of us by not living up to your expectations and maybe being even rude, know it all types, etc.

Now this post has me thinking "Is there a romance in the works here?" You haven't written anything that has necessarily prompted me to speculate on these things, but at the same time, just the way you write, just the picture your words paint, has my mind leaping to all sorts of thoughts and fears about what lies ahead. And that has me reading with great anticipation. I can't wait to hear more...

Is anybody else feeling this way? I'd love to hear what other members are thinking.

#2015-04-26 18:37:14 by Barry1 @Barry1


Bravo, NaNa - another very interesting article.

Like John Abbot, I'm also on tenterhooks, wondering where your story will lead us to?

Do I see possible romance in the air? Lovers running off in the moonlight together? Passionate kissing in the back room of some steamy hotel?

Or will there be a cool, professional liaison to occur? A business relationship to develop of impeccable character? No stolen kisses, no exchange of meaningless nothings in the darkness?

Put us all out of our misery as quickly as possible, NaNa - please! (sweat)

#2015-04-26 18:52:28 by melcyan @melcyan


#2015-04-26 21:27:05 by surpurisena @surpurisena

Hello John
Thank you take your time to reading about my article and care about my feeling. l think you are right that l had a little emotional tension at that time because l think we are come from different country with different culture and l was worry about some words l said or something l do for them show not manner in their eyes that was one of reason make me tension .but one of major reason because l did not know more about westermer before so anything were mystrious in my mind This is why titled mystery guest in my article

#2015-04-27 09:38:55 by surpurisena @surpurisena


#2015-04-27 11:20:38 by surpurisena @surpurisena

Hello Barry
very interesting of your guess and your fantasy . l think you will know more in next post . just let you guess more ok . hehe.....thank you so much to reading my article. wish you have a good day.

#2015-04-27 18:51:43 by melcyan @melcyan

“非常抱谦写得不是很好” -"very sorry not well written"

That is not true. You have chosen your words well but I can understand your fear of not writing well enough in your second language. I am struggling to write in Chinese. What I wrote to you was not checked by anyone else. I am hoping in future to get the words I write checked by my Chinese teacher. Thank you for responding to me in Chinese. If you can use short simple sentences, it is much easier for me to understand.

I was not able to see what John and Barry imagined in your writing. I was focused on your examples of Chinese etiquette and your choice of clothes.

I often go shopping for clothes with my partner. After a while I was able to work out the colors, patterns and styles that suited her. Most of her clothes purchased in recent years have been chosen by me. The last time we were in China I wanted to buy her a cheongsam. However that dress requires a smaller waist than my partner has at the moment. (I know if I lose ten kilograms of weight she would automatically lose two kilograms. I hope to be ten kilograms lighter when we go back to China next year. We will get the cheongsam then.)

The dress in the photo looks great on you. Good choice. My partner has three wardrobes full of clothes (“wardrobe” is a better word than “armoire” unless the wardrobe is very expensive). Before we go out dancing it is not uncommon for change her choice of clothes several times.

I look forward to your next piece of writing.

#2015-04-27 18:54:43 by melcyan @melcyan

"He spoke fluent South Mandarin."

What is the difference between South Mandarin and North Mandarin?

#2015-04-27 23:13:55 by Macchap @Macchap

@JohnAbbot You're spot on with your remark "Is there a romance in the works here?", just what I was thinking. I'm already hearing Dean Martin sing.
"imagination is funny..." is what Chet Bakers sings, and he is right.

#2015-04-28 10:40:28 by surpurisena @surpurisena

Hello melcyan

Thank you teach me in english . some word l did not know need translated that is why l felt not so well some word l chosen written in english .

"He spoke fluent south Mandarin " . l think south Mandarin different with North Mandarin because there have difference dialect from difference province and we can guess where someone who from when we hear the voice someone spoken mandarin with oral speech soud .

l am sorry. maybe still confuse you that l express for you in english . l need to inprove my english level and would like to express clear here for every reader.

sound like you interesting in chinese sheongsam . you are right that dress require smaller waist that will good looking to on it so need to keep in shape if some women like to wearing cheongsam .

l guess your lovely wife is lucky to married you . l wish you be happily with her forever.


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