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NaNa was born and raised in a small and remote village of China, and had a childhood filled with wild freedom living in nature. After finishing her education at a local provincial medical college, NaNa has been living and working in small city in South China. She is a woman with a rich heart and a passion for life. NaNa's first series of articles will tell you about her experiences first working together with a few Western men.
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神秘客人 Secret Guests (第一篇Part 1)    

By NaNa
3923 Views | 13 Comments | 4/16/2015 2:13:44 PM

Is this book a precursor to NaNa's own story being told here on her ChinaLoveMatch blog?




Secret Guests (Part 1)

l remember in the end of March, 2006. Although the weather still was spring time here in south of China the temperature here was already high, over 35 degrees. Even then l never complained about so hot weather. Instead l felt so happy and honored because l would meet a few secret guests soon in my city.

I thought they were secret in my mind because the guests l would meet l never saw before, not even a picture of them; l thought they were secret because they would fly by air across the sea from thousands of miles far away to my city where no people ever focus on it; l thought they were secret because their physical appearance was so different from people who l ever met in reality. l preferred to watch movies or TV made in the west in my free time, l like westerners who have a tall physique with blue eyes and high nose, especially their nose looked so sexy in my eye. One of my interesting fantasies was that I felt like their nose was actually talking with someone, so l most enjoyed looking at their nose when l watched TV.

l thought they were secret because their life style and the food they eat and their customs are so different with Chinese; but there was one thing that made me more worry about them, that was their different language. l thought about this deeply: l had learned English when l was a student in school, but l never had used English since l got my job.  In reality, l worked hard to study English at school but I just wanted to pass my tests at that time so l was good at writing wrote English but in fact did not speak it at all at that time. And by now the time had gone by so fast.

l had been working now for over 16 years so l had forgotten all l had learned, even forgotten how to write the most simple of English words, such as, for example, "hello" or "thanks". l felt a little hate towards myself at that time and asked myself: “Why l did not learn English by myself when l had free time?”

However, l was still so happy, because l had never seen Westerners in reality before. l had only seen them and known about them from TV or movies.  l never thought that l could meet them in reality, and now I would meet them soon. That made me feel like I was in a dream.

It especially made me even more happy that l would work with them together soon, and l felt that l was so lucky to have this job. l thought: “l will try my best to be friendly to my secret guests and make them feel comfortable and happy in a new and different environment.”  l was confident and ready to welcome my secret guests coming soon.

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#2015-04-16 14:24:41 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

I am happy to introduce NaNa to the blogs. An intelligent Chinese woman, she plans to describe her experiences first meeting western men through her employment, as they arrived to work with her company in China.

This promises to be an incredibly revealing and educational series, as we get to see how we are seen through the eyes of a woman who is meeting us for the first time, and doing so in an environment where we have an opportunity to shine but also where we may be inclined to reveal or most obnoxious and dislikable sides as well.

Upon reading this first post I am already riveted and can't wait to watch NaNa's story unfold. We give you NaNa!

#2015-04-16 16:43:59 by surpurisena @surpurisena

Hello John
l am appreciate that you give me a chance to share about my feeling from first time l worked with wester .l have been reading a lot of article and like to focus the comment here in CLM. l have found more friends here are so friendly that is best date website and best way to learn different culture between china with different country from all over the world.; l can't think you enough that you introduce my blog for CLM . it have been long time l want a blog for CLM but so sorry my English not good enough so get wrong ofen in some english words l express in my blog . l am appologize to every reading here if l confuse you about my poor english. but l am promise that l will try my best to improve my english better to communication with everyone here.
thank you JOhn and every reader here

#2015-04-16 18:47:28 by Barry1 @Barry1

A very interesting story, NaNa - I look forward to reading more and more of it over time as the plot unfolds. :)(f)

#2015-04-17 13:55:24 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Hey Nana - I just wanted to point out that you got 156 views the first day, and 3 "I loved This" and 2 "Interesting" votes. Plus 7 FB likes and a Tweet. That is a very impressive first day of your first post. Cheers, Nana! Well done. (clap)

#2015-04-17 20:00:44 by Nekko @Nekko

Welcome. I was reading this yesterday and wanted to leave a comment. My new Chinese wife needed or wanted my attention yesterday, so I have to leave a comment today.

I have to say that I was riveted by the story so far. I like to read more of this soon please.

Some other people write a continuous story over a long period of time.

NaNa I also have to say that I pushed the "Loved This" button also.

Tell me more, soon.

Great, next episode please. Can't wait.

#2015-04-18 11:44:01 by daisylee @daisylee


#2015-04-18 12:50:20 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hello Nana ??
I just want to say your new blog is good !!
Give your partner some time, about 2-3 days to get QQ up and running.
He might have other business or errands.
It took me about 3 hours but,.... I am not good with computer too much.
I have to read all the agreements.
Just a cautious fellow.
I hope you make good contact and I want to read what you post.

#2015-04-21 19:31:56 by surpurisena @surpurisena


Barry1 .Nekko and YinTingYu
thank you for take time to reading about my Blog . it is first time for me write blog on internet so l do not have more eperience on it yet. also my english so bad . please excuse me if l get wrong.
good lucky to everyone here.

#2015-04-22 11:53:57 by daisylee @daisylee

你好!指教到谈不上,因为我也很少或者说就没有在这里写博客的经验。只是喜欢看这里姐妹写的博客或者评论。谢谢你到我家里看我,我也去你家拜访了。觉得你资料里的照片比博客上用的照片更好看。 其实和外国人交往很简单的,只要真实的做你自己就可以了。不必想的太多,太拘泥了反而不能发挥你的长处。期待你的下一篇。:)

#2015-04-22 14:12:47 by melcyan @melcyan

Hi NaNa

Don't worry about your level of English. I can understand what you are writing. I have been trying to learn Chinese online for nearly 12 months and I am struggling.

For your future blogs I will try to respond with at least two of my comments in Chinese. I know that if I do not push myself to get better I will not improve.

Congratulations on your first blog. I look forward to your following blogs.



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