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NaNa was born and raised in a small and remote village of China, and had a childhood filled with wild freedom living in nature. After finishing her education at a local provincial medical college, NaNa has been living and working in small city in South China. She is a woman with a rich heart and a passion for life. NaNa's first series of articles will tell you about her experiences first working together with a few Western men.
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神秘客人 ( 第7章 再见了我的客人 ) Secret Guests (Part 7) – Goodbye, My Guests    

By NaNa
2129 Views | 11 Comments | 10/12/2015 1:02:08 PM


我安排单位的司机载客人去机场,在上车前我把我女儿帮我买的绣球让她简单包装好,一一亲自送给我的每一个客人,我深情的告诉他们说这是我们壮族人表达自己心意的一份小小的礼物,请大家接纳,客人们都好奇的看了又看我送给他们的礼物,我说:“不好意思了,是我女儿亲自包装的,她包装不好,请别介意。”客人们看了看,笑笑的连说声:“谢谢!谢谢!。” 我的客人一一的和我轻轻拥抱以示道别。我挥着手深情的连说再见,看着车远离我而去,我的心一时感觉好象掏空了一样,一人愣愣的站着不动,而且不知不觉的落泪?我的心从未有过的阵痛,但那种痛是温暖的,那是几天来和他们一起工作时建立的友谊关系,他们的善良,耐心,温和,体贴,善解人意深深的让我体会到了人与人之间的真情友情,最可贵的是他们的爱心奉献精神无不触动着我的心弦,我想:我童年时的经济生活并不是很富裕但我的童年生活充满了乐趣和快乐,一部分是来自于乡村纯朴的生活环境造就了我纯朴,能吃苦耐劳,坚强而富有爱心的性格,另一部份源于父母对我无私的爱,由于从小得到父母无私的爱但同时又看到父母终日面朝黄土背朝天的辛勤劳作,小时候常下定决心长大后要好好的回报父母的养育之恩,当我长大后有了自己的工作终于可以回报了父母的养育之恩时,感觉自己很知足了,有时也很想关心自己周围那些身体不好的人群,但有时又受到环境的影响,很多时候看到周围的人怀疑不信任的眼光时,自己的那份爱心只能埋藏在心底.


How times flies, as the week has gone on. I finished the work with my guests to help the children to check their vision and my guests took so many glasses for the children. I bid farewell to my guests with reluctance to part and would like to send a gift to my guests before they are apart from me. But because l had been busy with my guest to anywhere around my city all weeks and always back home later in the evening so l asked my daughter to help me to buy a few

Hydrangeas as gifts for my guests. I like had Hydrangeas as gifts for my guests because Hydrangea is a symbol of one of the Zhuang people of the mascot. In China it is said that ancient Zhuang Hydrangea was a token of love of young men and women. Some place have a custom that  if a girl throw a Hydrangea and a guy who get that Hydrangea from that girl mean that guy will to be that girl's future husband. Of course the girl will be spotted in person to throw the Hydrangea to him and convenient him to pick up. Since then there were lions gun Hydrangeal, throwing the Hydrangeal and other folk activities and today throwing the Hydrangea is still the traditional sports of the Zhuang people love to see and hear. People are often juggling with each other at their leisure entertainment and it is play as one of a role for peoples who communication from each other.

I arranged a driver to took my guest to the airport and gave the gift for my guests before they apart from me and l said to my guests: "this as a Hydrangea and it was a small gift but it was one of way Zhuang people like to express they’re grateful so please accept it." All of my guests were curious to see and see the gifts I gave them. l explained and said: "so sorry, it was my daughter packing by herself, she was not good packaging, please do not mind.” The guests looked at me and said, "thank you!" Thank you!"

One of my guests and I gave a hug to said goodbye. I waved my hands affectionate even to say goodbye, l felt my heart emptied at that moment when l watching the car away from me and stood alone for few minutes. l was really unable to control myself to let my tear running down. 

But l realized these tears were warm because it was a friendship between l and my guests have been set up during we worked together. I clearly to know because all of they had done touched my heart. They were so friendly, caring, warm, patient and treated kids they never know as their own kids. I deeply thought: l had a happy childhood when l was a kid.  One of reason l think was because l was raised in a small village with a lot of village peoples who were so kind, caring and diligent.

Also there are a lot of beautiful high mountains and wild field around my small village. Maybe because of this environment make me pure, honest and strong. Another reason is l lived in a warm big family and there was always full of love from my parent and my older sister. But in the same time l felt upset when l saw my parents hard to work all day and look so tired from their worked every day.

So l had ever thought that l would repay my parent after l grow up and have a good job. l was really felt happy enough and appreciated my parent since l have a good job and like repay my parent. In my lifetime l had ever thought that like to help other peoples who around me but sometime l was gave up when l saw someone who around me so negative or someone who look at me with doubt eyes.

l really never know that l was so lucky to had such nice chance to worked with my guests together in my lifetime. It was so different and so specially experience for me in my life. The words my guests spoken and all they done have been shock my soul and changed value of my life. Because of that made me thought that I should not be contaminated with the tide of society. I mean not to be surrounded by the majority of people's greed and selfishness. This kind of atmosphere is contaminated.

I would have more confidence to be a person who is more loving and helpful. Each time l always love to silently pray for my guests when I think of their precious spirit and sincerely wish their family happiness and peace. I really appreciated the care they had given for China kids. That is the main purpose l wrote this blog post.

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#2015-10-12 13:06:18 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

NaNa, I don't know why but I am taken by surprise that your series seems to have ended. I thought we had several episodes to come. As uplifting as this final episode is, it is a little disappointing to see it all come to an end.

You obviously got a lot out of this experience, and it seems to have taken your heart, which it seems was already a very pure and giving heart, and strengthened it in some ways and softened it even more in others, resulting in a better you, a very good, kind hearted and caring you.

I hope and I believe that your writing this story out in your blogs for us will have helped make all of us a little more good, kind hearted and caring. We owe you a vote of thanks for that. (clap)(handshake)

I would like to to know if you maintained contact with any of these wonderful men, and if so, what are they doing now as far as charities go, or are they still doing this one every year?

Meanwhile, what's next for you? Surely you won't desert us now, and instead you'll find some other topics to blog on so we can keep learning from you. What are your blogging plans?

I would just add one more comment here, addressed to all you guys looking for a great Chinese lady for a life partner or wife. Here she is! If you read this blog series you'll realize that here lies the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It doesn't get any better than this! A heart of gold, a nice package on the outside, highly intelligent and speaks pretty good English - what more could anyone possibly ask for.

I'm just saying...

#2015-10-12 14:25:25 by melcyan @melcyan

Hi NaNa. Thank you so much for writing this series. I enjoy the detail of your words. I enjoy the way you describe your surroundings and your observations of Chinese and Western manners. When I read your words I feel privileged to get a glimpse of the world through the eyes of a Chinese woman. I hope that you do more writing for CLM and I wish you well for the future.

#2015-10-12 17:01:53 by surpurisena @surpurisena

Hello John
Thank you for your comment .
l am really appreciate you that you give me so many opportunity share my experience with everyone here . each comment from anyone here is best gift for me and courage me to write more blog better more people from all over the world to know more about chinese culture .etiguette . in the same time it is one of way to improve the comprehensive quality of my own .

hope everything are going well with you and your family



#2015-10-13 22:16:29 by Barry1 @Barry1


Another stirring article, thank you NaNa.

Your series about these kind, good hearted men who traveled half way around the world to help a bunch of Chinese children with their eyesight problems caused me to reflect upon the words of the famed American singer-songwriter Harry Chapin (1942-1981).

Chapin was an acclaimed philanthropist who died tragically in a car accident on his way to one of his many free concerts that he regularly gave in order to help raise money for charity. In the mid-1970s, he became well known for his social activism, focusing on raising money to combat hunger in the United States. His daughter Jen said: "He saw hunger and poverty as an insult to America." He was dead right!

One report recounted that his widow advised soon after his death — "only with slight exaggeration" — that "Harry was supporting 17 relatives, 14 associations, seven foundations and 82 charities. Harry wasn't interested in saving money. He always said, 'Money is for people,' so he gave it away."

The point of my words here though is that despite his incredible generosity to others, Harry was quoted as saying,

"I'm a greedy, selfish bastard. I want the fact that I existed to mean something."

So the work of these American eye specialists flying to China to assist orphans requiring attention to their eyes reminds me of the selfless generosity illustrated so powerfully in the past by the late, great Harry Chapin.

Well spoken, NaNa. (y)(y)

#2015-10-15 09:19:52 by surpurisena @surpurisena

melcyan Barry

对了,melcyan 上次你叫我提醒你用中文评论,我可没忘记哦!你真的忘记你说过的话了。看来你有健忘症了,哈哈。。。。。不好意思!我是开玩笑的,请别在意!(poolparty)

#2015-10-16 23:59:58 by melcyan @melcyan


#2015-10-17 00:15:22 by melcyan @melcyan

Hi NaNa
Sorry for the delay. I am not the first Australian to struggle with the Chinese language. I hope this youtube clip can be viewed in China. It shows our former prime minister demonstrating how to release frustration when the language difficulty becomes too much.

#2015-10-19 12:13:35 by melcyan @melcyan

Hi NaNa
I believe that you cannot use the youtube address I gave previously.
Fortunately, the same video is on youku

I was very surprised to find it on youku

Sometimes I feel as frustrated as Kevin Rudd in the video but most of the time I enjoy learning Mandarin.

I had a break through moment with my partner today. I was practicing with a new dictation app on my iPhone. After a while, I realized that I did not need the new app because my existing SMS on the iPhone could do everything the new app had, but I simply had never tried to use all the features properly before.

My partner has no patience with my Mandarin when we are face to face, but she loves her iPhone.Her patience with her iPhone is much, much greater. Today we had our first conversation in Mandarin. We did it using the SMS feature of the iPhone. My iPhone understands my spoken Mandarin much better than my partner. I feel much more confident with my Mandarin now.

#2015-10-20 17:26:47 by surpurisena @surpurisena

Hello melcyan
l understand that learn mandarin diffical more than learn english but l do believe you can get better and better if you patiend and insist to learning at least an hour every day . you treat it as one of you hobby in your leisure time that will make you never tired ok .
thank you for your reply
best regard

#2016-01-10 20:42:37 by sharonshi @sharonshi

How sweet!

The way to spread seed of love and it grows in the heart who is benefit from and witnesses the planting.

Thank NaNa for sharing this touching story!

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