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NaNa was born and raised in a small and remote village of China, and had a childhood filled with wild freedom living in nature. After finishing her education at a local provincial medical college, NaNa has been living and working in small city in South China. She is a woman with a rich heart and a passion for life. NaNa's first series of articles will tell you about her experiences first working together with a few Western men.
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神秘客人 (第三篇) 在宾馆Secret Guests (Part 3) In the Hotel    

By NaNa
2910 Views | 9 Comments | 5/18/2015 5:08:58 PM

Four Western men visit China, and Nana, a Chinese woman.


司机第一眼看到我就说:你来了,他们在这呢!我说:”好的“。司机微笑的对他们说:“这是娜娜,这几天由她来接待你们。”司机说完。他们都友好的向我点头表示欢迊,我微笑的对他们说:”非常欢迊你们的到来,你们一路辛苦了“。其中有个比较年轻大约28岁的客人说:”娜姐,我就是打电话给你的迈克”。我高兴的对他说:”你就是迈克呀,你的普通话讲得那么好“。 他谦虚的回答:”没有没有,我还多多向娜姐学习呢“。





About 4pm afternoon the driver called to asked me where l am now. l replied to him that  l was waiting for them in the guest's room of hotel. The driver told me that they already arrived hotel and asked me to meet them in reception. l walking to reception at once after l knew they arrived reception of hotel. l saw four foreigner stand up in front of reception and talking with two of waiter. l guessed that they were my guests. All of them looked taller compare to Chinese. As a Chinese woman my height is 170cm and l look so tall when l am walking among Chinese, especially when l wear high heels. But the first time in my life that l felt so short and small was when l was with my guests together.

The driver looked at me first and said to me when he saw me walking to them: "Are you coming?" l said: "yeah". Then the driver smile and introduced me to my guests. He said: "this is NaNa and she will work with you together soon." All of my guests smiled and looked at me and one of youngest guest walking to me and said: "sister Na. l am Michael, always talking with you on phone."  l answered him happily: "Nice to meet you Michael. Wow. You speak Mandarin so good." He replied to me with humbleness, saying: "No no. l am still learning from you continually."  l said: "Michael, welcome to you and your friends. l am so sorry that you and your friends are tired from long fly." 

According to the China etiquette l should shake hands with them one by one and give welcome to my guests, and thanks for their coming, and should introduce myself by name and my job and major duty of my work. But so sorry, l forgot to introduce myself to them when l was talking with Michael. l felt a little hate toward myself that l was so careless to have forgotten what should l did in my work and felt  guilty about my guests from afar.

l knew Michael was good at speaking mandarin so l like to look at him first when we were talking and other guests like to smile and look at me talking with Michael, and sometime they would look a little curious and Michael would translate some word l said to them and they would smile more. l knew three of my guests did not know mandarin but l felt that they were friendly, caring, honest and well educated westerners from their eyes when they looked at me and the body language they had. Suddenly l felt so warm and heart infinite regrets: they were then more impressive than speech could express.

l took my guests to visit the room l booked for them after l talked with them for a while in reception. l walking into my guest's room while l was talking with Michael when a waiter opened the room for them. Suddenly l found there was one guest looking at me with surprise after l finished talking with Michael face to face. The way he looked at me made me realize maybe l did something wrong for them. l was asking myself: "My God. l was a lady. How had I followed them into the men’s room if l was polite?"  

l know about etiquette here in China that is not polite if we walk into someone's room before they did allow that, especially between men and women. l think this etiquette is the same anywhere even from different country with different custom because it is basic etiquette. That was why one of my guest looked at me with surprise.

The eyes of my guest looking at me made me feel like I was doing something wrong; the child in me was very tangled.  But l also thought that l just wanted to help them to visit the room l booked for them to be sure it was safe and comfortable, because the room l booked for them was through a phone call, and I did not know about the room yet. That was one of reasons l just walked into their room at that time.

Thinking this, my remorse was less, but still l said to Michael when l walked out from the room in embarrassment: "Michael, l would like to invite you and friends to have dinner at a restaurant tonight so l will wait for you and your friends downstairs at 5:30 pm." Michael answered: "Thank you sister Na. See you later."

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#2015-05-18 17:16:11 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Nana, you are a tease! (doh) You've really got me curious about where this is going?

"l forgot to introduce myself to them when l was talking with Michael." - clearly there was some sort of romance building in the air, or at least in your mind, at the time. This man was having an effect on you, but where will it go next.

And now I am staring at the photo. You said Michael was a young man so it has to be one of the two on the left in the photo, and I am betting on the fellow in the green shirt.

Anybody care to make a wager?

#2015-05-18 20:56:51 by seekdream @seekdream


I think Nana is a very literary talent novelist, you wrote the story is wonderful(y)

By the way I guess Michael is that boy in red T-shirt(emo)

#2015-05-19 09:52:03 by Macchap @Macchap

I think it's the dude wearing the red t-shirt that is Michael, he looks younger than the man in green. Who knows one of them have a profile on CLM...

#2015-05-19 10:15:03 by surpurisena @surpurisena

Hello John
very interesting of your curious and l would like to tell you who is Michael but so sorry it is not the right time to tell you because l need to respect my guest and need they approval first so now l need keep in secrect before they approval .hehe........but however l am aprreciate your comment and like the way your curious.

#2015-05-19 21:16:56 by Barry1 @Barry1




你具备这种才能,恭喜你,你做得非常好,我的朋友。 (clap)

#2015-05-19 23:10:21 by anonymous13404 @anonymous13404

Actually I think Michael is the older of the two younger men so it is the man in the green shirt, also she had mentioned he was tall, she is 170cm, the guy in red is average height. It is interesting .....(clap)

It is starting to sound like a new whirlwind romance is in the air(*)

#2015-05-20 15:43:34 by surpurisena @surpurisena


#2015-05-20 15:50:14 by surpurisena @surpurisena

@seekdream @Macchap
thanks for your comment . l hope it is wonderful story because it is good memory in my life so l would like to share with everyone here. but l think not really wonderful when l written in english because my english not good yet. but no matter l like to learn it .
good lucky to every one here

#2015-05-31 23:21:01 by melcyan @melcyan

我的女儿175 cm。我的小儿子为195 cm。

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