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39 years old, DancingShoes was born and raised in the rural part of Wuhan. Finishing her education in Beijing, she has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. She has been working professionally and living in Xiamen for many years, but now calls Wuhan home. A single mother for 8 years so far, DancingShoes has been growing up along side her child, maturing more and more. Independent emotionally and financially and working as project manager in a large international engineering company, DancingShoes is well traveled around China and parts of Europe.
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我学做菜 just learn to cook    

By DancingShoes'
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In this Chinese New Year (We also call Spring Festival), in addition to the hot words as “spring transportation”, “reunion with family”, in fact, another hottest topic is "eating". A wide variety of cuisine really makes us dizzying. Though, in my family it is my mother who is mostly busy doing all kinds of food and preparing the big dinners for all of us. I saw her tired and I asked, " Mom, you must be tired." She just replied with a happy smile on her face, " Yes, I’m tired, but I'm happy. We have only one time one year like this…I am happy to see you all kids back home and re-union together. It is the most willing to do, for me."

I like to learn and study the cuisine when I am free. On weekend, I search on internet how to cook the food and I would go to the supermarket to look for the material and try cooking at home. One time I had the idea to make the meat buns and dumplings. So I bought some flour and meat, to learn to do the meat buns and dumplings at home. There is the farm pork from Enshi mountains supplied in our supermarkets, it is a little more expensive than the average.  I chopped the pork into the meat stuffing on my own at home, and mixed with the green onions, ginger, then blended with some olive oil and then mixed all evenly. The flour was included with the yeast already. I just needed to knead the flour into dough with warm water. Waiting till the dough was fermented completely, then divided the dough into small pieces, and rolled into the thin muffins, and tucked the meat stuffing in, and then put them into the steamer. It was my first time to do the meat buns,  and they really didn’t look good and the taste was delicious! My son cleaned the plate quickly. I had made the dumplings before, so I had some experience, and these dumplings looked normal and better.

Here is another dish specially from Wuhan, it is Wuchang Fish. It only lives and grows in Yangtze River around Wuhan area.  Chairman Mao had a famous poem "Just drink the water in Changsha, and then eat Wuchang Fish," which is referring to the fish on my photo. I made the fish without any special sauces, just put chili, pepper, soy sauce, a little vinegar, a little wine, onion, ginger, garlic (garlic should be put later, just before the fish was put into the plate). For me, I like the food in its nature taste, and I think,  too much sauce will obscure the taste of the food itself. That’s why I like the plain-fried asparagus which is entirely clear flavor of nature asparagus itself.  The most simple dish, fried egg with tomato is always welcome when I do not have much time to prepare the dinner.  It is so easy and quick, so my son can do it very well by himself.  Just need to remember to put a little bit of sugar in tomato so that it will not taste too sour. The green pepper with beef was once one of our favorites. The green peppers were cut into shreds, and the finest imported fresh beef was cut into thin slices, preserved with olive oil, pepper, and starch for a while before frying in the pan.

In the end I would offer a Sichuan cuisine for you. It is the Water- Boiled Beef. It looks hot, but really delicious.  At first I fried the bean- paste and pepper in the pan, and then added water into the pot and boiled the soup (you do not need to put any salt, because the bean- paste is already very salty.).  Picking up the preserved beef slices with chopsticks and putting in the boiling soup, cooking for three minutes... (Beef was also cut into thin slices and preserved with olive oil, pepper and starch for a while).  Before the beef was prepared, I took some sprouts and put into the boiling water, then picked up immediately, and put into the big bowl, covering with the fresh lettuce, and then poured the prepared beef and soup into the bowl. Sprinkling some garlic, then poured the hot oil on the garlic, you would hear the sound “ sizzling…” and then the delicious spicy boiled beef was done!  Just enjoy~~~

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#2014-02-09 14:39:22 by Jennifercc42 @Jennifercc42


#2014-02-09 16:38:18 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for the interesting article DancingShoes, it's obvious that food forms an important part of the Chinese culture.

In return for your wonderful recipes, perhaps I can share one of my own? Something I eat nearly every day.

That is, take one or two slices of fresh multi-grain bread and break two eggs over it. Then add one or two chopped tomatoes. Then simply place in the microwave for two and a half minutes. Then garnish with a high quality tomato sauce, to add a bit of extra tomato flavour.

And voila!

A simple tomato, egg and bread dish that takes no more than five minutes to make.

Now this is the type of fast, fat and sugar free meal that suits me well.

A bowl of frozen peas, beans and carrots (or other vegetables) can be thawed out in the microwave later if desired. Then a cup of assorted nuts and seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) can be eaten for good measure, then half a cup of dried apricots for dessert. All washed down with some chilled cranberry juice.

I have a stove in my kitchen but for the last few years, it has never been used. I always microwave my food.

In my kitchen, I have one plate; one cup; one knife and fork.for eating (chopsticks could also be used if desired); one large bread knife for cutting; one roll of paper towels; and one dish cleaning brush.

Simple, quick and easy cooking at its best. What more could anyone want?

Oh yes, some milk in the fridge to make my coffe. Always I have three coffees per day - no more, no less. One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the early evening.

Is all of this the sign of a highly organised mind, or what? (clap)

#2014-02-10 00:31:07 by sharonj @sharonj


#2014-02-10 07:11:10 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

@dancingshoes 喜欢你做的武昌鱼和青椒牛肉,真想马上吃上一口,实在是太诱人啦,我都垂涎欲滴啦!

#2014-02-10 09:24:02 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


thanks for your encouragement! :D

#2014-02-10 11:04:44 by loveF @loveF

看上去好诱人!虽然我不吃鱼肉,但很喜欢看做菜的过程,做好给家人吃,这也是一种享受。有时工作忙活一天累了,我就喜欢翻翻菜谱,精美的图片加上简单的过程,也让人很放松。(d) 你是一位好妈妈和巧手主妇,以后谁娶到你他就有福了(f)(f)(f)(f)。

#2014-02-10 14:04:21 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes



Shirly, 我刚刚看到你在loveF一帖子说的关于德国面包很硬,我想给你解释一下。德国面包是非常好吃,不甜,很香。表皮面是烤的很硬,吃的时候需要从侧面切开,里面稍软的那一面抹上黄油,往嘴里送的时候,黄油这一面朝上,咬的时候就不会硌疼口腔上腭。

#2014-02-10 17:31:00 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


Hello Barry thanks for sharing of your recipes. But your recipe sounds exactly like the breakfast that I prepare in the morning for my son? Two slices of bread (baked warm) sandwiched with butter and cheese , and one fried egg, one cup of milk. But my son always thinks the breakfast that I prepared for him is too little, and he will get hungry soon at 9:00am in the school. I think the reason is that there is less calorie in this food? and I do not like the microwave-oven because I was told all the time it was unsafe or unhealthy. Is it true?

#2014-02-10 19:23:46 by yeranyi @yeranyi

这代人的追求 的 美食 旅游 都全了。就差。。。爱情了 ,哈哈
sharonj 蛋挞皮也是自己做吗 我做蛋挞都是买的现成皮子。

#2014-02-11 11:55:07 by anonymous8851 @anonymous8851

Two Minute Lunch - Cheese Omelette
Scramble 3 large eggs in a bowl, stir in some grated or shredded cheese, a little or a lot
Microwave on high power for 1 minute
Microwave on high power for another minute

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