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Cheng, a divorced single mother, forty years old, loves to smile, was born in a small village in Huangshan. She's been working in Changzhou, Jiangsu, so far as a sales manager in a local company. A quiet woman who enjoys a simple life, Cheng has experienced pain but now confidently optimistic and cheerful. She hopes to share her feelings and some ideas with you here . 程,生于徽州的一个小村庄,并在那里成长。一个四十岁的单身母亲,一个爱笑的女人。定居江苏常州,并任职于一家当地公司的销售经理至今。在经历痛苦和岁月的沉淀后,她现在是乐观的愉快的。非常乐意与您在这里分享她对人生的看法,对爱情和婚姻的期待。
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女人和男人 Woman and Man    

By Chengs
4668 Views | 7 Comments | 4/29/2012 4:35:42 PM

How do Chinese women feel about the man they love? Read this article to find out.

古老的神话说,女人是男人身上的肋骨;中国作家张贤亮在他的书中写:男人的一半是女人。 女人常说男人是我们不了解的另一种生物,不知道男人的心里在想什么。事实我们也并不想知道那么多,只要知道这个男人爱我就足够了。
我们来到这里 是因为这个最美丽的愿望还没有实现。希望这会是一座通向幸福的桥。
希望我能遇上一个好男人。愿天下的好女子 都能遇上个好男人。

In ancient mythology, woman is the rib of man .Chinese writer ,Zhang Xianliang Wrote in his book : “half of man is woman.”

Woman always say man is another being is very different from us woman. What do men want? Have no idea. Actually we don’t need know about men much. It is enough happy for us when we get to know “the man love me“.

Woman always talk how bad the man is, and how quick-change the man. When a man too close to woman, she think he is too flighty; when a man be aloof and stand-offish with a woman, she will blame he is too serious who doesn’t know about romance.

However when we are in love with a man, we embraced the love, just like a flying moth darts into the fire .

When a woman fall in love with man, what she want is the love could last forever. Hundreds years ago, a lady who in love, she wrote a poem for her beloved man:

Oh Heavens high!
I wiil love him forever till I die,
Till mountains crumble,
Rivers run dry,
In winter thunder rumble,
In summer snow fall far and nigh,
And the earth mingle with the sky,
Not till then will love die.

Woman… in her whole life, love a man, hate a man, think about a man, blame a man, always like that. There is a man in the bottom of heart of a woman.

A woman do need a man. A man is a double-blade sword for a woman who make woman love and hate.

Woman is woman: elegant lady, boorish woman, all need a man; a beloved man.

Thoughtful husband, good child is always is beautiful home in woman’s mind. When we wake up from the morning in beloved man’s heart, even a ordinary day will be so great for us. Even when we nitpick our man we will feel elated. If he don’t love you why stand here to listen to you talk too much?

Hold your hands, get old together. This a most beautiful wish of every ordinary woman to her beloved man.

We come here to because the beautiful wish has not yet come true. Wish here will be a bridge to happiness. Wish me meet a good man. And wish all good woman will meet a good man here.

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#2012-04-29 17:41:01 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

First, we want to welcome Cheng to our blogs. You'll probably recognize Cheng from our Forum where she has posted a number of intelligent threads and frequent insightful comments. We're sure you'll all enjoy her blogs and, judging by this one, you'll learn a lot about the way Chinese women think, and how you might want to treat them to express your feelings in a way they'll understand and appreciate.

There was one line in this post that really stood out for me, and rang a bell in my old noggin (head): "Even when we nitpick our man we will feel elated. If he don’t love you why stand here to listen to you talk too much?". That explained a lot to me, and made some behaviours so much easier to forgive, and even to appreciate. So thanks for that Cheng.

#2012-04-29 19:24:29 by smile01 @smile01

Hi,John ,thanks for helping to creat my blogger .I like writing but everytime need use dictionary .I think I had minor problem in communication with you.So really appriciate with you for your extraordinary paitence in this matter .

#2012-04-29 22:55:58 by stealth @stealth

Hi John, Could you please explain more what is meant by the that one line that stood out to you? Thanks, John

#2012-04-30 01:16:22 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Hi Stealth: Back home (Canada) we called it nagging, and I find that Chinese women (although this is based on only two serious relationships) do tend to "nag" more than western women, especially around the home. I'm basically a very independent type - neither a leader not a follower - and I do not like to be told what to do, so it really wore thin for me for a long time. I don't really think I need to be told to take the garbage out every 10 minutes until I do it. I can decide all on my own when the right moment is to take the garbage out. Right?

However, slowly - very slowly - I began to realize that there is a strong component of love behind it - because it's all part of my wife's effort to make our home perfect for me (her man). Since taking the garbage out is one of the things that makes up the 5% of the work around our home that I do compared to her 95%, it also slowly dawned on me that doing it on her schedule instead of my own is a pretty small price to pay for what really is a damned well run and smoothly operating home.

It eventually dawned on me as well that the reason western women were not nagging me during my relationships with them was partly because they were indifferent to how good our home was and whether I liked it or not, and partly because I was doing more like 45% of the work around the home.

It was nice to have my growing appreciation that the nagging was a sign of love be reaffirmed by Cheng. I hope that explains it at least a little.

And Cheng: If we had a communication problem it was pretty clearly my fault. The bottom line is we got it done and it's nice to have you here blogging for us. I'm looking forward to more insights into the mysterious Chinese female mind :-).

#2012-04-30 13:02:25 by evahuihan @evahuihan

here i dont want ruin smiles poem of the original acient feeling of man.but it does give both woman and man who are looking for a relationship a good script to follow to illusion to hope and to cherish that oneday it will become a good everlasting love story to put in the real living stage.

#2012-04-30 13:53:50 by Quovadis @Quovadis

Hello, I cannot resist the temptation to join in in this case. I fell in love with the oriental way of expressing thoughts a long time ago when I started practicing Karate Do. The difference is that so called "western" way is trying to say everything on a given topic and let the reader pick the relevant parts while the "oriental" way is to give an example and let the reader (or listener) to generalize. The result if that the "western" way is often boring and hard to comprehend, while the "oriental" is short, understandable and often sounds like a poem. I like and read the blogs by Chinese girls (I hope I can say this considering my age) for their lovely and refreshing style :-)

#2012-05-01 22:52:00 by smile01 @smile01

Hi. evahuihan.
Thank you for your comment .
I am sure most people come here who is enough mature to have their own idea about life ,relationship .That is not easy to be indulged in illusion by a small article .
Second , I don't think Life always a bowl of cherries and a poem . However , yes ,this is my idea ,woman's inner world ,originally a kind of poem . And we want meet a man who can appreciate this poem .
About Quovadis: Thank you !

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