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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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为什么有钱人都不娶美女(转), Why Rich Guys Don't Need to Marry Beautiful Women    

By Panda
8095 Views | 17 Comments | 11/12/2011 10:55:49 AM
Tag: 欧美   结婚  
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#2011-11-27 15:30:36 by panda2009 @panda2009

我觉得女人无论她看起来想要什么,她要的就是很多很多的爱跟很多很多的安全感,但是这个从哪里来,有些人觉得就是从男人,从婚姻。但是我觉得如果你向其他人去求,你还是会失望的,其实有时候爱跟安全感可以来自你自己。 -----张小娴


I think the woman whatever she wants is a lot of love and a lot of sense of security, but where did this come from, some people find it is from the man, from the marriage. But I think if you find them from other people, you'll be disappointed, sometimes love with sense of security can come from your own. -----Zhang Xiaoxian

when a woman economic independence, her aesthetic requirements for men from the plane rising to stereo. Because she left any one man can live very well. The calm on substances, she slowed down on marriage and love's footsteps, is no longer "monkey anxious", desperately want to marry a pot, regardless of what material is in the pot.

Woman, only financial independence is more sustaining power, agreed?

#2011-11-29 22:15:23 by amyl @amyl

Many women want to marry Homer, hoping to find a rich rich man. I find it difficult to understand, the money really that important?
It is undeniable that money can buy goods, and pharmaceuticals. Money to meet some people's vanity.
However, money does not buy health, money can not buy true love, money can not buy genuine love, money can not buy duty and obligation, even if you have more money, you will never have true happiness.
I believe that marriage is love, commitment, obligation, responsibility, mutual caring, thoughtful, help, understanding, tolerance, mutual love, to share all the joy, share with all of the responsibilities and obligations with each hand slowly changing to the elderly.

#2011-12-05 01:29:57 by raybaby40 @raybaby40

This all raises the interesting question: Do pre-nuptual agreements stand up in the chinese marriage courts?

#2011-12-06 12:59:12 by panda2009 @panda2009

Yes, pre-nuptual agreements also stand up in the Chinese marriage law.

#2012-01-21 18:09:13 by MMarie @MMarie


#2012-07-17 00:25:09 by luyennmengreal @luyennmengreal

圣经说:“上帝造人原是很单纯的,但是他们把自己弄成这么复杂。”“看得见的是暂时的,看不见的是永恒的。” Excellent~~

#2013-10-13 03:41:07 by RobertB @RobertB

Ok, so, I will tell you this. Talking to that girl.
Rich blokes may unfortunately be hard working types.
They may eat some food, but you know you cannot eat 100 burgers just because you can afford them.
The money means nothing to them. The money is like air.
It is everywhere.
So, next thing is they can get anything.
They care about someone being real authentic.
You are not. Trying to get a guy who is rich shows you have a very shallow personality. You have no ambition. You are demanding.
The very things guys run away like hell from..
So, you need to think of something that will make you more
Guess what ? They have fast cars and planes so you won't catch them.
I am just putting it from one perspective. There is another one.
Guys do not only go for looks as these not only fade in a year or a decade or whatever (in reality they change too, so do you, so a wise woman can easily keep her man). The problem is that in some cases can take 15 minutes to get used to somebody's looks. Also the best asset you have "love" you just like a naive trader, throw out the window. The guy knows that you are going for dosh. So, he discounts you very low. The chance is if he gets you he treats you like rag doll. So, it is not really good idea.
If you go for it, he will be ready with some legal affidavit. So, you cannot sue him. The only good thing is that you are honest.
By the way , it is not the noble Cao Hui I am referring to.
Just for emphasis I am using the "you" form. Thank you for sharing, dear sister.

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