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In the world of online Chinese and Asian dating there really is nothing quite like them. That's because the blogs are written by real Chinese or Asian women and real Western men, all members of CLM or ALM. The forum is for members to discuss serious cross- cultural issues, and problems relating to long distance international internet dating. But the blogs and forum are about more than that, much more, because we believe that the members' understanding of each other's diverse history, traditions, food, parenting beliefs, and cultural background are incredibly relevant in developing a strong and lasting mutual love. Likewise the sharing of mutual interests, such as travel, cooking, gardening, humour, modes of entertainment, hobbies, crafts, spiritual beliefs, and many other factors are crucial to maintaining a healthy bond. Unlike other dating sites who publish endless fluff that has no value beyond enticing people to join, at and we understand your desire is not simply to meet someone special today, but to join someone special for life. We keep it real, to ensure your newfound Chinese or Asian love lasts forever.
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When I heard the hens singing, “Hens lay eggs?!”  I put down my basket on the table, took off gloves, dried my hands, and I ran to the chicken house. Look! There it is! The two black hens were singing there, a shining egg was lying in the nest. I picked up the egg carefully: it was warm,sticked with feather; I cleaned it with my hands, held it and ran to tell my husband and kid happily……

I once interviewed a Chinese poet who made an interesting, probably inaccurate, but ultimately insightful claim about intercultural relationships.  Asked why the number of Chinese men who dated western women was relatively small compared to the number of Chinese women who dated western men, he replied in one word: breakfast.  Chinese men had a clear idea of what they wanted for the first meal of the day (and for every other meal as well) and were not interested in the compromise, negotiation, or god forbid change, in dietary habits that a relationship with a western woman would entail. While we in the West obsess about appearances or fret about emotional compatibility, the Chinese mind, as is its nature, focuses on a practical, earthy, and ultimately much more relevant issue. Looks fade and disagreements are inevitable; but meals are forever, a permanent part of the marriage landscape.

“Love is poison. A sweet poison, yes, but it will kill you all the same.” (excerpt from ”Game of Thrones”).

“Ryan” “Ryan” I heard my name called. This was in spite of the shouts of vendors and honking car horns.  The air outside Phuket International Airport was full of noises.  They assaulted me from all directions. I turned toward the direction of the voice and saw a diminutive Thai woman running toward me. I recognized her immediately. It was Noi, “the little one.”

'How are you Mr Greene?', asked the old man as Daniel pushed open the old wooden apartment door.

I have received enough suggestions ... I write too much and too long and with too much fluff....  Hopefully this is better ..

Daniel Greene felt nervous as he stepped inside the elevator in the lobby of the old building at the far end of Park Rd. As the doors closed, the strong smell of urine became as apparent as the used condoms on the elevator floor, only just visible in the dim light afforded by the dust-covered light bulb.

I had time to kill at the airport in Bangkok waiting to connect to my short internal flight to Phuket. I parked my backside on one of those ubiquitous grey honeycombed airport metal benches - they are not built for comfort! There was ample time to change the SIM card in my phone and call Noi. I was nervous as I had never spoken to her before; only communicated by email for the past two months. On dialing her number, the ring tone sounded for a few seconds and my heart was beating faster. What am I doing here? I’m thousands of miles away from home, Britain, and in a strange land. It was my first taste of Asia travel. A slight panic rose in my chest.

If you really wish to be happy living in China (excluding the SARs and that Island )

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