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In the world of online Chinese and Asian dating there really is nothing quite like them. That's because the blogs are written by real Chinese or Asian women and real Western men, all members of CLM or ALM. The forum is for members to discuss serious cross- cultural issues, and problems relating to long distance international internet dating. But the blogs and forum are about more than that, much more, because we believe that the members' understanding of each other's diverse history, traditions, food, parenting beliefs, and cultural background are incredibly relevant in developing a strong and lasting mutual love. Likewise the sharing of mutual interests, such as travel, cooking, gardening, humour, modes of entertainment, hobbies, crafts, spiritual beliefs, and many other factors are crucial to maintaining a healthy bond. Unlike other dating sites who publish endless fluff that has no value beyond enticing people to join, at and we understand your desire is not simply to meet someone special today, but to join someone special for life. We keep it real, to ensure your newfound Chinese or Asian love lasts forever.
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It’s been more than 2 months now since I signed up on CLM and during the past 2 months, I’ve encountered various kinds of guys here. In some way, I feel there are a certain amount of people who just turn the online dating site to be their playground. Generally in my mind, members in their 50s and 60s are more sincere and the same thing does not really apply to the ones in their 30s and 40s, but that is not set in stone, as it is more of my own impression. (I don’t mean to offend members in their 30s and 40s. Just don’t take it too personally.) Here I’d like to present some of the mails I’ve received and they are served more like for your information, and also they are the primitive inspirations for discussing of setting up a game players’ prison. For most of the red alarms here, they are simply and mostly stated from a woman’s point of view and thus if you guys have the similar experiences, you are welcome to share them with all of us. And girls, put aside your shyness, and speak out your minds. Here we go.
A single Chinese colleague of mine, T, who is in his early 30s and from Hong Kong told me recently about a visit he’d made to a Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor for consultation about his arthritis and the doc’s surprising prescription.
So how does one decide on which city to live in China? Is there a magic formula that can give you the square root of your happy place, or do you just blindfold yourself and use the map of China dartboard routine? I’d like to think that is a medium between those extremes, but from all of the people I have spoken to both in China and here in the U.S. there is no true way to find a perfect place for you in China. Its trial and error really, and from what most have said there are many errors with the trials. You could, of course, be smart and simply take a vacation to China to see that beautiful Chinese girl you’ve been talking to. That way you can see all the splendor of China for yourself or run like hell if need be. That’s the smart way. Then there is my way, which is to fly by the seat of my pants into this whole thing. I can hear you people reading this already grumbling about me being wreckless and probably a few other choice words about my intelligence, but I assure you this is not nearly as crazy as it sounds nor am I as unprepared as most would think.
What’s wrong with this photo? Look closely. You see it now? No? Really? You sure? Well, I don’t see a damn thing wrong with it or her either for that matter. But apparently some people do. Let me introduce you to Rima Fakih, a 24-year-old Arab-American from Michigan who beat out 50 other women to take the 2010 Miss USA title in Las Vegas Sunday night May 16, 2010.
With great sadness we must say goodbye to Richard. He has notified us that his work load is keeping him too busy to be able to keep contributing to his blog, and this will be his last submission. Rich and his beautiful Chinese wife, Rebecaa, are almost like family to us here at CLM, and his blog will be sorely missed. He's promised to keep us posted on how they're doing and we'll pass any news along to you.
Scandal! China Love Match blogger says "Forget about it! Women can be trouble! Forget about it and get a dog!" No, that isn't what I said! (Always be kind to animals, I do say that) All I said was that when doing international online dating you have to be aware of - not only differing cultural values, which is something China Love Match is very helpful with - you have to be aware of the different meanings and "values" males and females put on the same words.
Summer’s here and the time is right for busting barbecues in the street in Beijing and other civic-minded localities. I was sitting at a very small table on very precarious chairs near a friend’s apartment very early Friday morning sharing some cold Tsingtaos and generally solving the world's problems as we watched the late night/early morning bbq crowd ebb and flow around us.
There is an old saying I first heard many years ago as a young State police officer. People, to include myself, would often complain about their job or location and consider a transfer of jobs or move to another in-state city. Invariably, someone older and wiser would say, “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.” What does this old saying mean and does it apply to you?
Ok, so let’s quit with the anthropology heading – I am actually just a casual observer rather than some learned professional so I all my comments are coming from my own personal experience rather than some multi-tome study on China – I am sure people will disagree with some of my views, and I welcome that! And that is a little bit about what my next topic is about, how Chinese women might ‘function’ in a ‘community’ sense.
In the first part, I discussed the meaning of Yaunfen, as it is understood in China and as I understand it from a Chinese-leaning western perspective. I also wrote that anyone subscribing to CLM must understand and believe in it to some degree; otherwise, they would not be searching for their future partner here or at any other personals website. We are all hoping to make the connection to and with someone else. Many of the subscribers to CLM or those just visiting have been married before. It is a testament to the desire for love and companionship that any of you are here.
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