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In the world of online Chinese and Asian dating there really is nothing quite like them. That's because the blogs are written by real Chinese or Asian women and real Western men, all members of CLM or ALM. The forum is for members to discuss serious cross- cultural issues, and problems relating to long distance international internet dating. But the blogs and forum are about more than that, much more, because we believe that the members' understanding of each other's diverse history, traditions, food, parenting beliefs, and cultural background are incredibly relevant in developing a strong and lasting mutual love. Likewise the sharing of mutual interests, such as travel, cooking, gardening, humour, modes of entertainment, hobbies, crafts, spiritual beliefs, and many other factors are crucial to maintaining a healthy bond. Unlike other dating sites who publish endless fluff that has no value beyond enticing people to join, at and we understand your desire is not simply to meet someone special today, but to join someone special for life. We keep it real, to ensure your newfound Chinese or Asian love lasts forever.
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Ok, so let’s quit with the anthropology heading – I am actually just a casual observer rather than some learned professional so I all my comments are coming from my own personal experience rather than some multi-tome study on China – I am sure people will disagree with some of my views, and I welcome that! And that is a little bit about what my next topic is about, how Chinese women might ‘function’ in a ‘community’ sense.
In the first part, I discussed the meaning of Yaunfen, as it is understood in China and as I understand it from a Chinese-leaning western perspective. I also wrote that anyone subscribing to CLM must understand and believe in it to some degree; otherwise, they would not be searching for their future partner here or at any other personals website. We are all hoping to make the connection to and with someone else. Many of the subscribers to CLM or those just visiting have been married before. It is a testament to the desire for love and companionship that any of you are here.
Recently Jiangsu TV has promoted a show called “If you are the one (Fei Cheng Wu Rao)”, which presents blind dates between single male and female. In the show, there is a man who is requested to face 24 girls to answer the questions. The girls might select him to carry on next round or knock him out by putting out the lights. It takes only 5 minutes for each gentleman’s interview. On May 3rd, the show played a British man named Alexander who was strongly recommended by his friends to participate the TV blind date. Eventually, he was out by two major reasons even all the audiences were touched by his humor in such a short time. One was his DJ work, RMB300 per day, the girls thought that it wasn’t a steady job with uncertain incomes. The other was his hobby: retrieve the junks for environmental protection. His bed was one of the recycled garbage. Mr. Le Jia, the commentator of the show, lately stated in his blog that it was a pity that Alexander had been eliminated for the realistic mating preference of 24 girls. He also encouraged Alexander could find a nice Chinese girlfriend who understands and stands by him.
I remember the early days when I first came to ZhuHai. There were no more surprises for me, and even some disappointments. No city I had been before was like ZhuHai with its large buildings, shopping malls, constant stream of people, street side breakfast shops and crowded, jammed buses… I lived in an area called NanXiangLi, where it even felt strangely tedious. The feeling confused me and I wondered if it was because I was a newcomer or were there problems in this city. Or is it just because ZhuHai is one of the original four Special Economic Zones?
As long as we are on the subject of interviews (see the last two posts), I can’t resist including a portion of a recent conversation I had with S, a waitress at the Chengdu Hooters. I had gone to Hooters that morning for two reasons. No, not those two. Their restaurant was one of the few places in this corner of Sichuan province where you could get a full American breakfast and a wireless connection.
(This blog post will be more meaningful if you've read the first one...) Ask anyone who has ever been to China and tried to cross the road as a pedestrian or even worse, caught a taxi – rules are irrelevant!!! Well, maybe this is a bit excessive because obviously people do follow a rules or two when driving a car – those are
A co-worker asked me a question the other day that gave me an idea for this blog. He asked me “Why in the world would you want to go to China and teach?” I think answering this question for you guys will probably make more sense than it did for this Neanderthal. First of all, Teaching has been a dream of mine ever since I was in High-school. There was something about the way a teacher can touch your life and make you work towards bettering your life that just felt right to me. Of course I realize that you’ll never get rich being a teacher, but the personal rewards are far greater than just the pay.
Dear Readers, Perhaps I should speak to the unspoken question this particular blog will raise in your minds. Yes, I am as big an Idiot as I seem to be!
Determining people’s motivations for doing anything is difficult whether online dating or in real life. We can only make assumptions about others motivations for doing anything based on circumstantial or real evidence from their words or actions. The real danger arises when our conclusions are derived from faulty information or even lies.
This is the second part of an interview with one of the many twenty-somethings on the website. I'd encourage you to read the first part of this interview before starting in here, but no points will be deducted from your score if you fail to do so. With that warning, here is part deux:
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