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In the world of online Chinese and Asian dating there really is nothing quite like them. That's because the blogs are written by real Chinese or Asian women and real Western men, all members of CLM or ALM. The forum is for members to discuss serious cross- cultural issues, and problems relating to long distance international internet dating. But the blogs and forum are about more than that, much more, because we believe that the members' understanding of each other's diverse history, traditions, food, parenting beliefs, and cultural background are incredibly relevant in developing a strong and lasting mutual love. Likewise the sharing of mutual interests, such as travel, cooking, gardening, humour, modes of entertainment, hobbies, crafts, spiritual beliefs, and many other factors are crucial to maintaining a healthy bond. Unlike other dating sites who publish endless fluff that has no value beyond enticing people to join, at and we understand your desire is not simply to meet someone special today, but to join someone special for life. We keep it real, to ensure your newfound Chinese or Asian love lasts forever.
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While writing this article, I didn't know it's purpose when I started it; What was this article trying to convey? Sometimes I just sit here let my mind flow and my fingers fly! After a quick pause, it came to me simply. I think I can safely say the whole purpose for this little piece of writing is with no malice or sneering intended, but to say a personal, "Thank You!" 谢谢 to all the Chinese men in China.
I am a girl, I am in my late 20s and I put on my profile that I am looking for a man aged 30-40, which is the age range that I think I can accept. I’ve got couples of emails on CLM that probably started by: I think I am too old for you, but I am young at heart. Normally I just replied: I don’t think I can accept a mature man, but there are many girls on CLM, so just keep on searching and I wish you good luck. So I turned down some guys who are almost at my father’s age (I guess this is my way to put it, but I don’t mean anything to be against people in advanced age or I don’t discriminate old people. ). Though there are some nice, polite and mature guys, with whom I am still in contact and sharing ideas of online dating.
Fully clothed she was riding me like a surfboard, going up with my breath and down with my breath. She rested partially on my body, partially on her arms, as she gave me a light, skillful, most welcome massage. I could feel when her attention was drawn away by the flashing screen of the TV in my hotel room. Up, down, up down, my breathing moved me on the bed and she rode me both ways. Taking the tension out of my back muscles as an old John Wayne movie played on the screen. Big John raised his rifle and her hands ceased their movements. Lowered it and she began massaging me again. In the mirror I could see her serious, beautiful face. I began to seriously wonder about the instructions she had been given concerning me at the council of women.
A Chinese woman seeking clarification wrote me the following:
Here I am, Bruce Lee 李小龙, on the private island battling opponents as they come. I scream out, "Waaaah!" CRACK! One down. Another lunges from behind! I spin with a round-house kick to the head. SMAK!!! I'm cool, calm and deadly. I was prepared. Did my training. Conquering all that get in my way. My and your opponent is Mr. Han (also known as the USCIS – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). He's going to ask everything of us and study our lives with a fine toothbrush like an archeologist discovering the lost city of Atlantis. He will check everything about us before we can bring any of China’s lovely women home to be a bride! Are you ready to join the ranks in battle? You better be if you think you are going to have a Chinese wife and live in America. Who would have thought meeting a wonderful woman in China would also be a test of endurance. Not to forget a lot of money.
There's been much talk about "Game" and "Players" and I was thinking why is everyone WRONG in the definition of these slang words. It didn't occur to me that everyone could be thinking in the literal sense of "game player". DUH-Bren... So I figured why not share my street terminology.
Well we admit that Jasmine’s Blogs on the subject of Game Player Prison got us thinking, and we recognize that there are issues surrounding her concerns that deserve our attention, but after much thought and after considering all comments received, we’ve concluded it would be a big mistake to try to introduce a Game Player Prison in any form. It still all goes back to the fact that most people will accuse someone of being a “Game Player” for anything they have done that displeases the offended member.
Smart Man + Smart Woman = Romance
It seems that the firestorm of controversy has been ignited and everyone is scrambling to be heard on their idea of what a game player is and what should be done about these fiends of the internet. So what better way to get involved in the discussion than by blogging about the subject also. First of all I would like to say that both sides of this story have great points. Not every guy guilty of one or more of the red flag behaviors is a bad person, but it just goes to show that a few bad apples can ruin it for everyone. It seems as if where ever I go I am hearing the horror stories of girls who have encountered some jackass who thinks he’s Antonio Bandaras and has to have sex with as many girls as he possibly can because he could become impotent at any moment.
I saw a photo Chinese woman member here on The photo was her looking very sad. Tearful eyes. Clearly upset with tears running down her cheeks. It was a web-cam photo. And I thought, "Wow! Why would she put a photo up like that? Why would any woman do such a thing?"
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