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Nelson Mandela apparently said words to the effect of - 'There's nothing like going back to a place that's never changed in order to realise how much you have altered'

If Mr Mandela were alive today, there's a whole heap of people who'd like to switch that around and say - 'There's nothing like going back to a place that's altered in order to realise how much you have NOT changed'

What IS 'reality'? Don't run away just yet......I'm not going to go all 'David Icke' on you!

Look at what you are doing right now.......

Reading a blog on an online Chinese dating site that appears in a virtual world on a technological bit of plastic and glass.

Next time you go outside into your 'real world', look around you. Look at all the people glued permanently to their mobile phone screen. Unbelievably, the Chinese have actually created a footpath designated to people who have their gazes firmly fixed to their mobile phone.

What we once accepted as being 'reality' has become so deeply entrenched in a virtual reality that we perceive that virtual reality as being, well....'real' reality.....and so the cycle continues.

If anyone has seen the absolutely superb Katy Perry video to her song 'Chained to the rythym' then they should be fully aware of what I am talking about. People cannot see what is going on around them because they spend every second of their free time checking their social media on what we still, laughingly, call a mobile PHONE.

When you break it down, there is no such thing as 'reality' - it's gone! Everyone perceives what THEY consider to be reality in a different way, mostly dependent on who's posted the latest 'interesting' topic on Facebook or other 'social media'.

Not only that, but a person's perception of a collective reality greatly differs too. For example, what would happen to you in Britain, America, Australia, Canada, etc, if you decided to go 'walkabout' in your pyjamas? The last time I looked, you'd be picked up by the men-in-the-white-coats, yet in China, it's quite 'normal' to go shopping in your sleepwear.

One of my colleagues was recently explaining to some 18-19 year-old Chinese students the concept of an 'open marriage' and 'FWB' (friends-with-benefits). My God ! They just about shit themselves!

What is 'normal reality' for one, is unbelievable 'reality' to another.

I'm in danger of digressing into so many different areas that it's difficult to stay focused, but let me throw in just ONE example to highlight the abnormality of what we all perceive to be 'reality'.

Bill Clinton was impeached for playing 'hide-the-sausage' with a Whitehouse intern.

Many people simply do NOT believe the official story of 9/11, and whilst there is an amazing amount of proof that shatters the 'official story', it'll NEVER end up in court, just like Hillary won't; the 'Podesta pedophile ring' won't; George Bush senior won't ever be charged with the orchestration of the assassination of JFK...........the list goes on...Our 'reality' of believing that Trump will 'drain-the-swamp' is futile when Trump himself appears to be standing in the same 'swamp' that he said he would 'drain....but I digress.....

My first question is this - Why do people get called 'conspiracy theorists' yet people that delve into the area of 'quantum theory' are called 'scientists' or 'physicists'?

I have often been called a 'conspiracy theorist' and my reply has always been that I am a 'conspiracy analyst'................. Show me the evidence!

"Charity begins at home - the Bible says so!"

Really? Where? Show me! (It doesn't......)

I can't believe in a 'God' because I can't see one! The Bible has been edited so many times that it's not funny. The story of "Jesus' and 'Moses' and 'Noah' are like watching 'Groundhog Day'.... Follow these stories back in time and you'll find that they all a regurgitation of the same story - all the way back to the Sumerians....It really IS a case of 'Same shit, Different day!'

The subject of 'Quantum Theory' is just that - a THEORY.

It is one of the hardest things to explain - and I am certainly no expert - but in a nutshell, it means this -

Right now, as you read this blog, you made a CHOICE to do so.

There were so many things to see to before I finally left England and flew back to Thailand. Most of them were connected with finances. It was clear to me that I would have to open a Thai bank account soon after my return. When I wasn’t attending to my finances then I was online connecting to the world.

On the balcony, the woman was busy trying to find a place for the orchids. Her vegetables and herbs were in plastic containers in sizes of rather on the large side, leaving not much room for anything else on the floor. So, for the time being, the woman decided to set the orchids on the concrete guard rail, thinking to hang them from a nail tomorrow when there was daylight.

Chinese customs seem to be going through a cultural change due to the huge generation gap between people who grew up in rural communities and their children who crave smartphones and other things their parents could never afford.

Learned  people inherently knew there were three channels to learn wisdom. The first method was by pondering and reflection, that supposedly was the most noble way. But this was for people smarter than me who sat cross-legged in caves all day and ate nothing but lettuce leaves.

As most of you already know, on China Love Match we pride ourselves on providing good service. However, recently we've had a few issues with members not receiving our emails even though they have verified their addresses with us, which means their own email providers should be accepting our messages into their Inboxes. But it seems that a number of email providers have now started taking it upon themselves to block messages even though the recipient has clearly indicated they wish to receive them.

This India adventure has been interesting. Four months as a Fulbright scholar has offered me the opportunity to interact with Indian college students, Uber drivers, and vegetable vendors; to walk in the footsteps of the Buddha, trace the journey of Rama, and float on the holy Ganges; to view Bollywood movies, Indian art shows, and the classical dance form of Bharatanatyam; to learn the difference among nan, roti, and paratha, as well as that among tabla, tampura, and sitar. In short, to experience first-hand—even if only in a limited and at an ultimately superficial level—India.

The small shop was full of flowers every kind, in colors one could have never imagined of existing. Daffodils, tulips, lilies, gladiolas, carnations, orchids, and, of course, most people's favorite, roses were everywhere, on the floors, in fridges, on the walls, and in buckets. There was barely room for the customers to walk around. The flowers' scents filled up your nose with such a freshness that you could easily imagine standing in a meadow somewhere in the Alps, breathing in the essence of the virgin Earth.

Noi and I had said our farewells at the airport in Bangkok. I detest airport farewells. I get emotional. The month in Thailand had gone by all too quickly. And, I was not looking forward to England for many reasons. But, I knew my stay there would be brief. I was sad to be leaving Noi. But, we had got to know each other well. Our future was looking good. The trip had also resulted in us finding the house at Kanchanaburi. I could look forward to my return and settling down in that area.

China has long been known for its wonderful ability to copy products. In March this year there was a national 'awareness day' during which people were told to consider the implications of buying 'knock-off' products. Copying products is almost part of Chinese culture itself.

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